Saturday, 28 July 2012

Happy Weekend!

Hello and welcome to Handmade Happiness!  
Today I can't make photos publish so for once this will have to be unillustrated. I am determined to put a post on every day despite technical difficulties. The picture I would have shared is of a small display unit I bought at Wild Damson yesterday. With nine wood cubby holes it is ideal for showing off small things in HH. If you haven't yet visited Wild Damson in Dragon Street, Petersfield, I urge you to do so. It is full of nice pieces of furniture and accessories for the home at reasonable prices.

Are you looking forward to watching the Olympic Games? I feel quite excited about seeing who wins the medals. There was such a good community feeling about the opening ceremony last night wasn't there. I managed to stay awake for most of it. Up until midnight. Shame that team GB was at the very end of the procession of athletes... I hope that none of them has to compete first thing this morning.

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