Monday 30 March 2009

Busy making buttons

These are so colourful and tactile. I have been making buttons for three days now and I have really enjoyed myself. If the process didn't make my hands so dry I'd happily make buttons all day every day!!
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Sunday 29 March 2009

Strange Dream - what does it mean?

I catch a bus with a friend. My arms are full of my stuff. We sit upstairs and when the time comes for me to get off I throw my stuff onto the grass outside the bus and then go back to my seat to get more of my stuff. The bus pulls away and moves on. I frantically gather my stuff from my seat and ring the bell to stop the bus. Eventually the bus stops again and I stand in the doorway throwing stuff onto the grass suddenly aware that I have left even more stuff under my seat. As I run back to my seat the bus moves on. I am howling now but my friend is still as a statue. I gather my stuff from under my seat, press the bell and make for the doorway. As I stand in the doorway of the bus it pulls away again. There is still more stuff to fetch. The dream repeats itself.
The friend, by the way is someone I haven't seen for ages but feel fond of. I recognise her in the dream.
Any ideas on what this means?
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Thursday 26 March 2009

Spring cleaning kit

Thought I'd share the great cleaning cloths I got at Tesco's. They are by Sarah Smith and come in a range of stripes and dots and (my favourite) flower prints. Doesn't just looking at them put you in the mood for spring cleaning?
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Yummy shop window

Red is the happiest colour don't you think? This is part of Gazebo's shop window in Totnes, Devon with a mixture of Green Gate's wonderful stuff from Denmark and some by our own Cath Kidson. Imagine all that red and white polka dot on the breakfast table. Cheerful and energising!
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Tuesday 24 March 2009

Brights for the shop Tricot

Today I put together necklaces and bracelets in bright colours for Tricot in Arundel. The owner wants no blue although just a dash of blue crept in.
Now those are delivered I can concentrate on a button order for Ippikin in Shropshire which apparently is a delightful textile gallery.

And then I'll make more necklaces and bracelets for Tricot Too, Tricot's sister shop in Petersfield, Hampshire.
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Friday 20 March 2009

Thoughts on the Country Living selling experience

It's the people you meet when selling at Country Living that make the experience so special. Women (you rarely see a male visitor!) look forward to the event, put on their favourite clothes and have great conversations with stall holders.

I notice the arty necklaces they wear, the Kaffe Fassett pattern knitwear or soft tones of heather handknits. Then there are the layered looks, looped up jersey skirts over trousers and Mary Janes with toning tunics and vests - maybe Gudrun
Sjoden clothes.
The White Stuff cotton pattern pinafores over long sleeve t-shirts. And, to me best of all, the vintage look - dresses with net underskirts, cinched waists and little coloured cardigans sometimes worn with coloured tights and socks over the top. It's inspirational!

Many women would not miss the Country Living shows for the world. It's their treat and with all the doom and gloom on the news a chance to forget all that and enter a world of pretty things and get ideas for how to improve their homes and wardrobe. The Vanessa Arbuthnott stand with its greys and yellows -freshly designed fabric and wallpaper; the Bay Design hand painted lampshades - always an attractive stand; and Janet Bolton's exquisitely wrought sewn hangings and pictures. I love those stands.

Some of the stall holders are very special too. Sisters Lizza and Jenna live on the island of Westray off the north coast of Scotland and their beautiful knitwear is the colours of the beaches and sea and heather that they see and absorb every day. It translates so well into their designs that looking at almost makes you feel you've visited Westray. They design and knit and then make the long journey to London to sell their beautiful creations.
I want to talk about other people I met. People with ideas on what I should make in the future - but that's for another time...

Wood buttons found!

The wood buttons I use to paint faces on like the above have been discontinued and I have had to refuse orders for them. But luckily a quantity of them just turned up on e-bay and (fingers crossed) they are winging their way to me in the post right now. The faces above are all badges and I will definetely be doing more of those too.
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Wonderful wool shop

While in London I always try to visit Loop, just down the road from the Country Living show. It means abandoning my stand but it's worth it to find and buy the glorious wools this shop sells. Susan Cropper, who has written 'Vintage Knitting' and 'Vintage Crochet' owns and runs the shop and it stocks wool I have seen nowhere else. The current window display, above, shows a Julie Arkell doll - isn't she fabulous?
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Tuesday 17 March 2009

At Spring Country Living

Two views of my space at the show. I so enjoyed my week. Met some wonderful people. More news soon.
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Tuesday 10 March 2009

Off to Country Living spring fair

Today is setting up day at the Business Design Centre, Islington.
I'm nervous - will people still buy in the 'credit crunch'?
Will they like all the new products I've made that are being seen for the first time?
It will be lovely to see old friends and enjoy all the spring inspiration - scented flowers and fresh, clean colours that is spring Country Living. Wish me luck!!

Thursday 5 March 2009

Spring beauties

My friend Ann gave me these purple hyacinths. I've not seen this colour before. They also smell wonderful.

Only four days now til I go to London for Country Living. I am making stock night and day. Still so much to do.

I had a surprise cheque today from Tricot and Tricot Too who have been selling my jewellery and buttons.
I was also pleased to have an email from Winchester with details of their Christmas market. Think I'd like to do that this year. It runs from November 27th to December 20th - 24 days!
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Tuesday 3 March 2009

Painted Beads

I love painting beads. I did these this morning for new style necklaces and bracelets. Yummy!
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