Thursday 28 November 2019


Assorted stockings for sale in Handmade Happiness
Baby's first Christmas?
Stockings of all sizes. The knitted stocking is made by Rubecula Threads.
Cosy sheepskin slippers at Caroline Bloomfield
Sheepskin hot water bottle covers at Caroline Bloomfield.

On the worktable are a lot of stockings that need loops or tops or just making from scratch. At this time of year there are lots of different things that need attention. More fairies to make. Tree topper angels (see below) that I still haven't finished. Cashmere bunnies stuffed with lavender I need to make for an order. Not to mention getting the whole shop in perfect condition for the next tenant by the end of December.

On Sunday I'll see the family, and it's a chance to drop off presents. They need to be gift wrapped and tagged and checked to see that everyone has been treated fairly!

Caroline Bloomfield is the name of a shop in Midhurst. A shop I admire. Imagine puting your feet into the slippers pictured above on one of these cold, wet winter evenings! 
I'm off to wrap presents.
Happy Christmas preparations everyone!!

Thursday 21 November 2019

Angel tree toppers

Big angel has a full skirt, little angel is unclothed. Dolls by Jenny Stacy

I need to finish these off today. I always think making something will be quite easy and then it often turns out to be quite difficult... The bit I like is drawing and painting the faces. Making the clothes is something else.

I imagined a doll draped in fine fabrics with, as someone suggested, wellington boots on. Back rewind! That's not going to happen as turning tiny feet inside out was too difficult so I've kept the body simple and will further embellish and make clothes for little one today. There are two more cut out, sewn up and ready to dress but I've run out of this particular wool for the Marie Antoinette style hair and no other wool seems to work....

Less than 5 weeks now until the Handmade Happiness shop closes down forever. So if you want to have a browse before it goes plan your trip now!
I'm currently open 10 to 4.30 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. In December I plan to be open Mondays as well ie. 6 days a week.
Lots of opportunities for visitors to visit . Hope to see you soon X

Saturday 16 November 2019

Making dolls is not easy!

Doll patterns I drew for angel tree toppers

I confess I don't find making easy sometimes. I have an order for an angel tree topper. I did some last year. They sold. Now this year I feel I am re-inventing the wheel! I've been putting off making the thing for ages but quite why it should feel like such an obstacle I don't know. After all I've made dozens of dolls in my time.

I think I get confused by seeing so many dozens of photographs on Instagram and Pinterest. You start to feel you are not good enough or that your dolls are different but not in a good way! 

Last night I cut out the patterns and sewed them up. But when it came to turning them inside out the middle pattern was a clear winner!! Including thumbs and feet is bad news when it comes to turning! 

Now I wonder if I can get away with just doing an armless, legless torso? After all the sumptous dress will hide the fact she has no legs and arms can be added after the body is made if they seem to be necessary.I have been collecting the most wonderful angel fabrics - chiffon and silk, tulle and embroidered luxury fabrics. Ribbons and jewels and beads. Decorating these angel tree toppers will be a delight! I've just got to get them to that stage first! 

Monday 11 November 2019

In the shop now

I have made dozens of these fairies. Just £5 each.
Gift tags in gold or silver. 
Ubiquitous Stitch brought in these headbands . Cosy for the dramatic drop in temperature

It feels like the countdown is on.  Only just over a month and Handmade Happiness will be gone. This week I'll put price tags on all the shop furniture I wish to sell. In fact I might put pictures and prices on this blog as well.
In the meantime nice things continue to come into the shop making it the best place I know to do one-stop Christmas gift shopping.
I know the comment thing is awkward but if you have a query you can always email me on

Tuesday 5 November 2019

Beautiful things

Jenny Drant has knitted these pretty baby girls clothes in a mix of Alpaca and cotton. The Rachel Riley shoes were a lucky charity shop find for just £3 and are not for sale!
I hand sewed this lavender bag using old lace ribbons and grey silk.
Love these new pots Niloo Wickramasinghe has made for Handmade Happiness.
Seen near Waitrose car park in Petersfield this is a Madrone (US) or arbutus unedo (thanks Instagram friends!)

I have always tried to have only the very best things in Handmade Happiness. I want visiting to be an experience, unlike visiting any other shop. I am lucky to have such talented makers.

 Jenny Drant knits wonderful things for the shop and Niloo makes heavenly pots and vases. You only have to scroll down to see examples of other talented makers work.

 I think I have been really lucky that these gifted individuals have found the shop to be a good fit for the beautiful things they make.