Thursday 29 July 2010


My daughter gave me these amazing notelets from It's always lovely to receive an envelope that is obviously not a bill in the post. Perhaps we should all try writing to one another sometimes instead of the quick but impersonal email. Let's revive the art of beautiful correspondence.
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Monday 26 July 2010

A special shop

Today and tomorrow I'm working in Tricot Too and I thought you might like to admire a bit of its architecture! This was part of a big old house at one time. The detailing on the ceiling and the shape of the big windows is also a joy. Sometimes men accompanying their wives are quite happy to look at the bones of the shop while their wife tries on the clothes. Something for everyone!
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Friday 23 July 2010

Nice book

I was lucky to find this new book at my local library. Published by Cico Books and written by Sania Pell with photographs by Penny Wincer it has some good projects and wonderful photographs. £16.99 My favourite is this embroidered and appliqued curtain with pockets. I also like the bits of old wallpaper on the left hand wall.
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Wednesday 21 July 2010

Half price necklaces

Available now in Tricot Too- lots of my necklaces at half price!
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Love these over the knee socks by Avoca. New this week at Tricot Too, Petersfield. £13 a pair. Those on the right are now sold out.
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Tuesday 20 July 2010

SALE time

For the first time ever I've put my designs into the SALE at Tricot Too in Petersfield. This will make way for the new jewellery I've been working on in recent weeks that is something completely different!
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Friday 16 July 2010

More special pieces...

This is a big pot built with flat clay ribbons by Linda Dangoor.
This is the work of calligrapher Celia Lister.
These porcelain gloves provided an arresting backdrop to potter Anna Hamburger's more conventional work. email
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Art in Action continued...

Lovely nuno felted wrap by Gill Burbidge
These tapestry weavings by Soon Yul Kang are incredibly beautiful. So subtle and restful.
This is needle felting by Eve Kelly. Fantastically talented. email
I  like this combination of mosaic and sequins etc. by Aimee Harman
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Thursday 15 July 2010


Two people cancelled their places on my Handmade Buttons workshop today. So their places are up for grabs. Email me if you want to come. Wednesday August 18th 10am -1pm at my house in Petersfield. £30 to include materials and The button workshop on August 11th is full.

Margo Selby's work

Today I visited Art in Action in Oxford. I love this weaver's work. She was demonstrating there. See more on
I took lots of pictures. This must be one of the best quality exhibitions in the country. Fabulous work. More pics of great pieces soon!

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Favourite flower

This double hollyhock I planted earlier this year reminds me of Fortuny fabric and therefore of a TV programme I am hooked on. Have you seen Project Runway? Be warned it is highly addictive.
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Sunday 11 July 2010

Tie necklace

One of my denim tie necklaces in the window of Tricot Too, Petersfield this week with an American Vintage top over a Lauren Vidal white dress.
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Thursday 8 July 2010


These are growing by the road in Sheet, a village next to Petersfield. Spectacular.
When not photographing flowers I am busy making a new collection of jewellery to go on sale in August.
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Monday 5 July 2010

Workshop Dates

Let me know if you would like to come on one of the following workshops:

Wednesday September 15th
 Handmade Christmas - Gifts
Wednesday October 6th 
 Handmade Christmas - Decorations
Wednesday November 17th 
 Handmade Christmas - Card making  
Wednesday December 15th
Handmade Christmas - Glamorous Gift Wrapping

The two button making workshops in August are now full. There is no workshop this month. Email me for more information, queries or to book:

Pretty tissue paper

This one is by Suttons - see post about display below.
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The way we set out our stall is so important. For years I've felt fairly confident in what I make but not at all confident in how those things are presented to the public at shows. For some reason I felt I had to put everything out - far too much stuff. As a result I admire everyone else's clean cut, neat stand but feel mine looks  like a table at a jumble sale.

Then the penny dropped. If a display looks too complicated and busy most people don't look at it. It's too much effort and their eye would prefer to focus on something simple and obvious.
I realise that we like to be able to 'read' a display, our eye casting from left to right and being able to register what it sees. It takes time and patience to 'read' piles of stuff or an undisciplined variety of unrelated products. So we don't bother.

On Saturday I followed the advice of my friend Chris. I simplified. I had one large board to one side of the table with things pinned to it. Next to it was just  pretty tissue paper for wrapping.
Well dear reader, it worked. It was so easy for me and the customer. That good old saying comes to mind K.I.S.S. - keep it simple stupid!

Saturday 3 July 2010

First sweetpeas from the garden

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In the window...

Out of Xile top and silk dress with strawberry brooch £14.

Lauren Vidal dress with felt necklace £38. Details from Tricot Too's window this week.
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