Friday 27 February 2009

Messy Bessie

Yes, she's a bit scruffy but immensly loveable!
I need to make some more dolls but I have been busy making bracelets, necklaces, childrens' jewellery and badges this week. So busy with just a week and a couple of days before I go up to Country Living. Lots of new products. Please forgive me for not writing for nearly a week. The time flashes by and as soon as I wake up I'm working. I work all the time I'm not sleeping most days. But not today. Today I went to London on the train and had to stand for most of the journey home. I really pity commuters who have to travel by train and tube every day. Yesterday I collected my pieces from Havant library where they have been display since the beginning of the month. And I am pleased to sell that quite a lot had sold. Tomorrow I'll collect from the Chichester exhibition. I wonder if anything has sold there?
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Saturday 21 February 2009

What am I making?

I have painted lots of beads to tone with denim colours for necklaces like this one

I need to make more Fimo buttons like these for Country Living as I am running out. All colours, all sizes and some heart shaped ones which always sell first.
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Unravel - a festival of knitting

Farnham Maltings launched a fabulous new show today called 'Unravel'.
It was packed with women who love textiles. All eager to see to the lovely art work, knitted clothes and skeins of wool on display.
My only complaint is that it was hard to get near the stands as there were too many others crowded round.
There were some gorgeous hand dyed wools. Particularly pretty was the cashmere dyed with natural plant dyes by Elisabeth Beverley I also love the colours and texture of the natural hemp from House of Hemp
Another knitting show is planned - this time over two days and fingers crossed I will have a stand there. Watch this space!

Monday 16 February 2009

Just thinking

Yesterday I handed in six necklaces, freshly made to an exhibition in Chichester.
I then went out and came in again to overhear two artists who were looking at my work. 'Yes, they're very good but frightfully overpriced.'
What is overpriced I'd like to know? It seems to me that what is overpriced to one person is underpriced to another person.
I hate to hear makers say,'Well I'm happy if I earn enough to cover my costs.' I hear that all the time and it's sad. If you've got the confidence to put your work in front of the public then have the confidence to price it properly. I know that in these times of recession makers are worried about whether or not their work will sell. But dropping the price is not the way to go.
Too cheap prices make those of us who rely on our craft income seem expensive when all we are doing is charging a realistic price for our design and labour.
Comments please. What are your thoughts about pricing?
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Thursday 12 February 2009

ps on paper flowers

The white paper flowers pictured below were made by Japanese artist Katsuyo Kamo and his team.

Chanel white paper flowers

Chanel spring/summer paper flower backdrop continues to inspire me. Keeping things simple in just one colour can look so stunning.
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Monday 9 February 2009

Snow stopped pay

This is the scene as I approached Farnham Maltings on Saturday. Ice rink. I have never sold here before and it was an interesting experience. Lovely building. But due to blocked roads some stallholders couldn't make it and nothing like the usual numbers of customers came. However I met some lovely people, sold quite a lot of handmade buttons and will hopefully be there again soon.

A section of my stand in the Long Kiln room. I am enjoying making the wooly jewellery and this week I'm making more in cottons for (hopefully) sunny weather ahead!
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Thursday 5 February 2009

Havant Library display

The glass cabinet in Havant library is well lit and spacious. Now I'll just wait and see if anyone buys from it!

I'm wondering if I've left too much at Havant as I also have Farnham on Saturday...
If you live near Havant the display is there until February 27th.

I spotted this mosaic in the doorway of Help the Aged in Havant. I love the way the scarlet red glows out. Inspirational.
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Tuesday 3 February 2009

New soft jewellery

I like this necklace. It's long and simple and, although the colours are a bit wintery I feel it's of the moment fashion wise.
A pretty bracelet. Very comfortable to wear. I'll make more along these lines.
This necklace went a bit mad. I have actually taken it apart now and made a similar one without the big red painted beads which i feel don't look right. I've also abandoned the fluffy purple flower. Today I've been making little felt red roses for a necklace. Thinking Valentine's...Fingers crossed it looks as good as I hope it's going to look!
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