Thursday 30 June 2011

Beautiful Felted Jacket

I saw this in the window of a charity shop in Midhurst yesterday and couldn't resist it. I've seen similar nuno felted jackets made by hand for several hundred pounds.
This one, with a Verse label in it, was £15. More than I'd normally pay for something from a charity shop but I think this is a work of art!
 Btw the top picture shows the jacket inside out which is how I prefer it!

Wednesday 29 June 2011

Diet and Exercise!

I bought bathroom scales this week. Then made the mistake of standing on them. 
All the time I didn't have scales in the house I could kid myself about my weight. Now I have cold hard proof that I need to diet - and excercise.

 My neighbour suggested 'power walking'. We're done three power walks so far  - which just means walking a bit too fast to talk as well - and I do feel different. More energy.
 One pound gone - quite a few more to go!!!
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Tuesday 28 June 2011

Lauren Vidal pale pink

Posted by PicasaIn the window at Tricot Too now is pale pink and white for the heat wave we're experiencing.
 Linen tunic and trousers, flowery leggings and ruffle edge cardigan, all Lauren Vidal. White tunic on the left is by Avoca Anthology and white linen dress on the right is by ekta.

Monday 27 June 2011

Love these colours!

If you keep doing something it gets better! I am learning that less pieces in a collage card makes a cleaner look. Easier on the eye than to add everything but the kitchen sink hoping to improve the look, which is what I do sometimes.

Keep it Simple seems to apply to everything in life doesn't it!
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Sunday 26 June 2011

Sunday catch up

Are you a butterfly brain like me? The previous post was a reminder to self as much as anything. I am a procrastinator. I'm loving making lots of cards at the moment (the ones with handmade envelopes are selling best) but feel I should spend that time making dolls and jewellery.
The house needs loads of attention that it's not getting and then there's that ace business idea my friend just suggested. But more of that later...
Meanwhile here are giant cherries from The Good Fish Shop, Haslemere.
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Saturday 25 June 2011

Life is not a dress rehearsal

On the radio yesterday people were phoning in to tell one of the Dragon's Den panel about their great new business idea. Their voices were so enthusiastic. Sure that this new idea could make them big money one day.
Then one by one the business maestro disappointed them. Yes, he had heard the idea before and this was why it could never work.

I wonder if they will still pursue their idea and make it happen? I hope they do just to prove Mr Doesn't-Know-Everything wrong! The good thing is they had an idea and they were seeking the reassurance to take it further. They weren't plodding through life waiting for opportunities and success to just fall into their lap. They know they've got to get out there and make it happen!
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Friday 24 June 2011

A Good Shop

Haslemere is lucky to have The Good Fish Shop where you get service with a smile and can buy fresh fish certainly but also fruit and delicatessen foods.
Stepping in to the shop yesterday was like stepping back in time but in a good way. The fishmonger knew all of his customers by name. He had taken the trouble to have printed instruction sheets on how to cook and serve every sort of fish. And when I asked for a handful of cherries he refused payment for them!
This is a section of The Good Fish Shop at 34, West Street, Haslemere.

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Thursday 23 June 2011

Sewing for Cards

I once bought some lovely hand-dyed variagated silk embroidery thread from the Surrey Guild of Craftsmens' shop. Yesterday I used it to embroider bits for collage.

So above I've sewn into rag paper (aka Khadi paper) then torn and painted it.
I've making cards like the one above this week and hopefully the bits of embroidery will add a whole new dimension to them.

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Wednesday 22 June 2011

Spot the mistake!

Saw this on the clean painted white wall of a shop in Petersfield.
 Is Jim Morrison of the Doors still a hero?
 Whoever makes these stencils should sort out their grammar. I bet the next time I see this grafitti someone has been unable to resist making right that punctuation mark!
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Tuesday 21 June 2011

Blue and white in the window

In Tricot Too now are this Borland and Noble cashmere jersey over an Out of Xile dress and trousers. On the right is an ekta top over Lauren Vidal white jeans.
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Monday 20 June 2011

A Joyous Wedding!

On Friday the rain lashed down all day. The helicopter that was booked to bring the bride and bridesmaids to the wedding barn had to be cancelled and umbrellas were essential. But did the bride and groom care? Not a bit. This was their day and they laughed and loved every second of it.

They had designed their wedding their way. The help yourself pick and mix jars of old fashioned sweets; the wedding souvenir stickers; the photo booth with fancy dress costumes; the Willy Wonka style wedding cake; and the hilarious dance the bride choreographed for her Dad who can normally never be persuaded onto the dance floor!

The father of the brides speech was the funniest I have ever heard. Everyone had a great time. Inside the beautiful high raftered old barn where the wedding ceremony took place and afterwards in the large marquee the atmosphere was joyous. We chatted, we danced, we loved watching the couple enjoying the happiest day of their lives.

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Sunday 19 June 2011

Crayons for Painting

 I spotted these many years ago in a 'braderie' or table top sale in France, priced at 100 francs or just £10. You can use them wet or dry. You can add water after using them and they are great for layering colours or mixing with watercolours or acrylics.

The Mulberry handbag I found for £3.25 is right up there as number one best bargain ever! And these are definetely number two best bargain ever! I love using them.

Tomorrow I'll write about Friday's wedding.
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Saturday 18 June 2011

Cool shoes...

I went round the shoe shops and the charity shops looking for something silver/grey to go with my wedding outfit. Instead I found these. £7 in Cancer Research. No, I didn't wear them to the wedding, but i am looking forward to wearing them with an ankle length swishy, heavy brown skirt or jeans. I have never seen anything like them. Any idea who makes shoes like these?
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Friday 17 June 2011

Strawberry breakfast bowl

These tiny Alpine strawberries make great 'ground cover'.They spread everywhere. This year they are abundant in both the front and back garden. With natural yoghurt on cereal they make a great breakfast.
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Thursday 16 June 2011

Lauren Vidal dress

I like this dress.Lauren Vidal describe the colour as 'indigo' but it's almost black. So much detailing: Elastic smocking around the neck; layered gathers below the waist and three different fabrics. Utterly pretty!
It's available at Tricot Too, Petersfield.
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Wednesday 15 June 2011

Poppies and raspberries

I love these giant double poppies. Last year I tied ribbons round some to remind myself to collect seeds only from the best plants - like this one!
The raspberries are ripening now. I haven't put nets over them so I must watch that the birds don't take them all. Especially the pesky wood pigeons that like building nests across my chimney pots and accidentally toppling in! (see previous post.)
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Tuesday 14 June 2011

Pretty tissue paper

I thought you'd like to see these tissue papers from They're called Liberty Bloom and Leafy Garden. Sorry the picture's blurry.

I do like a well wrapped gift. If I ever have a shop I'd like to wrap every purchase in papers like these.

Btw I've just painted two canvasses in acrylic. You'll see them when I feel less unsure about them!

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Monday 13 June 2011

Book cover design

Have you noticed how paperback books have such attractive covers now?
The Penguin classics led the way I think. Then the other day in One Tree Books in Petersfield I noticed this display of cookery books. 
What a pity that when books are shelved you only see the spines. Perhaps we should all start storing our books differently from now on to show off their attractive covers!  
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Sunday 12 June 2011

Anthropologie shops

I like this painted peg board with bandaged tools in the window of Anthropologie's King's Road, London store. This American shop has a handmade feel. 
Although the products are not necessarily handmade the quirky touches definetely are. I like rough bits of sewing on the walls, and art installations made of recycled rubbish -I remember the giant chandeliers made of cut open white plastic coffee cups and the curtain made of used tea bags in their first, Regent Street shop.

If you're in London Anthropologie is worth a visit. Where else will you see a waterfall inside a shop (Kings Road branch) or a wall of living plants?(Regent Street shop).

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Saturday 11 June 2011

Orla Kiely Tesco Bag 2

I wonder how many bags Orla K has designed for Tesco?
This is the second pattern I've seen. A friend says that someone she knows is buying them up and selling them on ebay for £10 (they cost £4). That person is probably the reason the bags sell out so quickly at Petersfield's Tesco.
I like both designs equally. (See other, pear design in April posting.)

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Friday 10 June 2011

Follit, Petworth

These shop windows caught my eye as I was driving through Petworth. I had to park and take a closer look.
 The shop is Follit. The welcoming owner showed me round and I have to say: I LOVE THIS SHOP! Everything in it is interesting, one-off or quirky.
 I love both the chairs pictured. Inside there was a giant fork and spoon on the wall. Pretty baby clothes from Spain. The biggest toy yachts ever and softly coloured painted furniture.
A website is coming
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Thursday 9 June 2011

Collage thoughts

These are little business cards.
 I've been thinking a lot about collage and what is acceptable to use in them and what isn't. I've collected lots of torn bits from magazines over the years which I incorporate but now I'm wondering if I should stop doing this and rely on bits I've created from scratch. Using drawings instead. I'll give that a try.

Meanwhile I've been making a lot of these individual business cards. Starting with a sheet of A4 copy paper I glue on torn up painted papers then add more paint on top and around the pieces. Then I cut up the sheet into small rectangles and embellish each individually with little pictures, old stamps, glitter pen etc.
 Warning: it's highly addictive!
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