Thursday 26 October 2017

Making for Christmas

Making simple faiies for tree decorations.
They all have different dresses. Fairy peg doll by Jenny Stacy
New! Textile art specs pockets made by Bee Mellor
New! Specs cases made by Bee Mellor

Someone said it's only eight weeks til Christmas. Help! So much to make so little time.

 I need to make jewellery and it's something I never seem to get round to. I've been making Fairy Boxes - just need to finish those off and those fairies pictured above - 12 done, eight more to go. I've done childrens' jewellery - all the easy stuff. Jewellery seems to require a lot more thought but while I'm actually making I love the feeling of time standing still. Totally absorbed in what I'm doing. I think lots of people experience this, it's like a form of meditation...

This year I have some truly gorgeous handmade items from makers new to the shop. I'll share those beauties and more about the makers in my next post. 

Tuesday 17 October 2017

The Knitting and Stitching Show 2017

21st century yarns hand dye silk thread and fabrics. Love their colours.
Elizabeth Ashurst made these stunning pieces
This stand 'Bazaar' was like visiting a bazaar in India
Ann Small had a stand with lots of textural wall art.
Felting techniques shown in this piece by felt maker Clare Bullock

I love my annual visit to the Knitting and Stitching Show in October at Alexandra Palace in London. So much to see including students' work, the work of established textile artists and lots of tempting craft materials to buy.

From today on Handmade Happiness  will be stocking  21st century yarns who make the wonderful hand dyed craft materials so loved by textile artists and everyone who just loves the inspiration that looking at artistic colour combinations brings. More pictures and information in the next post.

Monday 2 October 2017

New in the shop

Tanya Williamson made a big delivery of her wonderful stitched applique cushions 
I designed and  made a cashmere bear and dog to add to the popular cashmere bunnies.
Karen Boller has made this charming bird on a cotton reel. Pictured with party earrings made by Annie Sherburne.
After nine years of blogging I'm wondering whether I should continue this blog or start a new one with a different design and slightly different subject matter. I'd love to know your comments. I know the comment thing under is hard to use so please feel free to email me: Thanks.