Saturday 25 April 2009

Beautiful Blossom

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Jewellery in window displays

Tricot Too, Petersfield with my necklaces top left and top right. Love the texture on texture of the outfit on the left.
Another window at Tricot Too with my red necklace and a gorgeous red and white summer top.
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Thursday 23 April 2009

A Good Idea

I had this purple themed collage on display at Goodwood and it gave a customer a good idea. She asked me to make a collage about her three children with photos of them and their favourite things, (for example one was mad about butterflies). This will be an enjoyable job, and something I've not done before. I have been asked to do personalised wedding invitations and its been fun working with couples and incorporating their ideas into the mix. In the past I did much more with collage - selling lots of collaged cards through various shops. But one day I realised that cards did not offer a good rate of return. After I'd spent all morning perfecting just one card and knew I was only going to get £2-50 for it. That was when I decided to focus on my jewellery and buttons.
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Monday 20 April 2009

New Noteboook

On those days like today when I fail to concentrate on work I have fun doing things like this. In between bits of knitting and crochet and gluing on badge backs I am also planning some new design jewellery for Petworth House.
Next month May 23rd to 25th the Costume and Textile Fair at Petworth House in Sussex ( supported by the National Trust) is my next big event.
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Fun colour

Fun nail polishes in Boots by Barry M.
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Birthday Goodies

Thought you might like to see my birthday presents -and I also got cash to spend on the garden. Pictured above left to right are:
Cath Kidson fabric, a red Windham fabric, butterflies on wincyette from John Lewis and an Amy Butler fabric. On them is a l'Occitane lavender candle, l'Occitane almond milk moisturising body spray which smells divine and finally a new batch of cookie cutters which I can use to make new button shapes. Love it all.
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Friday 17 April 2009

New Website

Today is my birthday. I am Jenny Stacy. I make nice stuff like the textile bracelet above.Like all my designs its a one-off. I love planning, experimenting and making things.
My website has been out of date for a few years and I can't wait to see all the old pictures replaced with new ones of the jewellery, buttons and painted items I am making now. When people see my work at a show and then look at my website I think they are probably surprised because I don't make conventional jewellery any more. I make experimental, colourful stuff like this which I hope will make them smile and feel good while wearing it! The website isn't revamped yet. But it soon will be. Check it out on
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Thursday 16 April 2009

Love this colour!

Tricot Too in Dragons Street, Petersfield, stocks some lovely, unusual clothes.
This shade of green, for instance, which I have a feeling is called chartreuse - cream with a dash of lime - can be really flattering. I'm showing a close up of the dress on the right because I'd like to try it on. And the linen outfit next to it looks just right for a spring wedding.
Tricot Too and Tricot, Arundel stock my textile jewellery.
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Wednesday 15 April 2009

Spring forward!

Doesn't the warm weather make you want to change everything?
My website is getting an all-new revamp; I am seriously considering chucking out most of my clothes and it's planting week for the garden. As it's so small I think a cottage garden look with salads mixed in with cutting flowers and soft fruit and veg. Can't wait!
Then I want to re-paint all the walls in the house - white or pale grey I can't decide...! But first I'll send off those orders.
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Tuesday 14 April 2009

Painting flapper girls

Today I'm painting flapper girls. I've several orders for badges like this, buttons which are a smaller, more rounded version and one order for a necklace with painted face wood beads.
The weird thing about painting lots of faces is that no two are ever alike. They always turn out differently from each other.
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Friday 10 April 2009

Goodwood Hotel show deluxe!

Just did a local designer/maker show at the Goodwood Park Hotel on the Goodwood Estate. What a pleasure it was to be there! The tables had been covered with large starched white sheets carefully pinned round so all we had to do was lay our work out on them. There was free coffee and tea all day - even free cakes and soft classical background music playing. The whole day was relaxed and friendly. Organiser Karen Ongley-Snook had cherry picked her favourite makers from a wide area - including two from Brighton and the work on offer was extremely desirable. Not a bought in item in sight. Everything lovingly made from scratch to a very high standard. Karen plans to do another at Christmas and I do urge anyone reading this to go along. Shows like this are a rare treat.
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Sunday 5 April 2009

My Garden Transformed

Above: How could I have let it get so overgrown? The Before photo taken yesterday.
Above: Thanks to gardener Chris Tanner this is the after shot taken today after six hours of his hard graft (and three trips to the tip for me!)
Above: Looking towards the house. The Before shot.
Above: Can you believe this is the same garden? Thank you very much Chris Tanner.
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Thursday 2 April 2009

Spring is here!

I took these yesterday. The first day of warm spring weather.
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Wednesday 1 April 2009

Pages from my Notebook

Kaffe Fassett's wonderful fabrics; rose dress by Motel; baby Monsoon hair flowers; Toast tiny bead necklace; Bobbi Brown make-up pallette and I'll come back to you on the wonderful necklace. Inspiration for brights.

No apologies for a page of Burberry. I love the texture in these clothes and the necklace - at £995 - is fascinating!
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