Saturday 30 October 2021

Four handmade angels

My first handmade angel of 2021
I love red!
Going for a more vintage look!
I added a bit of hand embroidery to this one,

I've been making angels. I would have got into production mode and made lots more if I still had my shop to sell them in but for now, I'll just make small quantities of everything for friends and family.
Maybe next year things will start to feel 'normal' again...??

Tuesday 12 October 2021

More drawings

Remembering the colours from my trip to India
Thinking about a simple card
Drawing my favourite mugs and cups
More favourite cups and mugs.

From 100 Days of Drawing by Jennifer Orkin Lewis.
Most of the illustrations are copies of items I own but top right above and top left in the photo above are my own design.
I love bright colours and was particularly pleased with the saris in the memory of India illustration.
If you are on Instagram there are more photos on @jenny_handmade_happiness

My Day in Small Drawings

Matilda Tristram's new, inspiring book
Favourite clothes
Household chores...
and more household chores

It's helpful to have a prompt to get drawings started.

Sunday 3 October 2021

Drawing every day

I'm enjoying this book
Day 1: Drawing a garland with a face in the middle
Drawing things that make me happy
Things I see when out walking

I bought two books recently and this is one of them. I find having a prompt helps me get on with drawing and painting. I'll talk about the other book in another post.
For more daily paintings you can see jenny_handmade_happiness on Instagram.
In fact since I started posting on Instagram I've neglected to write on this blog. That's a shame because at one time I wrote on this blog every day. That was years ago. I started this blog when I was very busy making things to sell for a show called the Country Living magazine's Show in London.
I used to write about hoping and dreaming to have a shop of my own one day instead of selling to other shops and direct to the public.  But shop rents where I lived were so expensive I couldn't imagine being able to turn a profit. It wasn't until I moved to Petersfield many years later that I eventually came across a shop that seemed viable.

My shop called Handmade Happiness in Dragon Street opened and 8 years later was still going. I closed down for good at the start of Covid. I couldn't imagine it continuing. But all through the shop's existence I wrote this blog.
This blog is now 13 years old. Is this a record? It's 13th birthday was on September 22nd.