Friday, 18 October 2019

New in the shop

This beautiful indoor wreath is made by Brenda Tilbury
Love this lavender bag by Hambledon Rose
Another pretty lavender bag made with vintage fabrics by Hambledon Rose
Two pairs of legwarmers knitted by me and a colourful necklace made by Rosemary Roberts

Hambledon Rose makes pretty cushions, lavender bags, purses and fridge magnets from linen and small pieces of vintage fabrics. The effect is delicate and pretty and I am so pleased to stock her work.

Brenda Tilbury, as regular readers will know, is Queen of Wreaths and at this time of year I generally have wreaths made by her. Now she is producing lots of knitwear too and new in the shop are scarves, gloves, a wrap and crocheted neckwarmers all in nice colour combinations.

Rosemary Roberts makes colourful necklaces out of fabric and beads. What customers also love about them is that they have a magnet clasp so they are very easy to put on and take off. One lady regularly buys several at a time!

I am knitting a third pair of leg warmers in shades of brown and blue and very cosy they are too made in 100% wool. I've just received some natural 100% alpaca yarn which I'm using for newborn clothing. So so soft ...Hats first as I hate to see a new baby with head uncovered in the cold. Now I'm sounding like a fussing old Granny. Hang on... that's exactly what I am !!!

Tuesday, 15 October 2019


Paintings and collage laid out to be made into a carrier bag

Today is the Handmade Happiness shop's 8th birthday. I feel it is quite an achievement to have a small independent business for eight years and I am glad that Handmade Happiness has been successful.

However I have to announce today that the shop will close down after Christmas. With a heavy heart I have decided it is no longer viable. With the political situation being what it is, everyone is uncertain, even fearful of what the future might hold. The result has been a real downturn in spending and this shop, along with many, many others has suffered. It's a tough world for small shops and I am sure you have noticed others in your area closing down.

I will continue to write this blog (hello America!) about all things handmade and the name Handmade Happiness will live on through Handmade Happiness events next year. More on that later. But for the moment, thank you for reading and for supporting the shop over the years. It continues to promote and contain the very best of handmade that I can find...

As the comment thing is so hard to manage, if you feel like commenting do drop me an email at  Thank you.

Tuesday, 8 October 2019


Collage for front of carrier bag for Handmade Happiness
One of the new collaged carrier bags for Handmade Happiness made by Jenny Stacy
Freshly made bag front
Another just made collage  piece by Jenny Stacy
I love painting and this will be part of a bag too. Jenny Stacy

For as long as I can remember I've made collages. I can't remember what my parents thought when I glued collage to my bedroom walls.

 Carrier bags for Handmade Happiness are a good way of using all the paintings I do and the collages too. I'll continue to make carrier bags from magazine covers which are free to customers but I'll have to charge for these as each represents a lot of painting and making time. Re-cycling, upcycling and plastic free. These tick all the boxes!

The shop is closed this Wednesday (October 9th) for a family committment. I'm there this morning but just for two hours 10-12. My good neighbour Tara  and her assistant, Amy, will look after anyone who has travelled any distance or wants to buy something immediately. Just ask for their help if I'm not there.

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Knitted decorations and bags

Sue Inglis knits these decorations @eggandspoonstudio
Now in the shop. Sue Inglis' of eggandspoonstudio designs and knits these.
Very special Christmas card by Sue Inglis
I just made some 'Arty' carrier bags
The first Christmas decorations are in the shop! Sue's designs are very popular and every year she comes up with a new twist! My favourite so far is this white fluffy cat with cosy scarf.
I've waited until the beginning of October to offer Christmas goods because I hate to see Christmas cards, advent calendars and gift wrap for sale in September or even August in some cases.

I wonder if other families, like mine are having a re-think about Christmas this year. One of my daughters has suggested we make presents for each other. My other daughter doesn't want us to give presents at all. We all want to avoid anything plastic, so no plastic toys for the children from now onwards.

All the busy,hard working people out there who love the idea of making presents but haven't got the time to do so can buy something lovingly handmade by an artistic individual from Handmade Happiness. 

This year I'm aiming to have more choice and the best quality ever! I think after 8 years of trading the shop has a reputation for very special, always well-received presents. And this year, with all the political turmoil and unrest the little shop offers a safe haven for people to rest and dream and be inspired.