Tuesday, 15 October 2019


Paintings and collage laid out to be made into a carrier bag

Today is the Handmade Happiness shop's 8th birthday. I feel it is quite an achievement to have a small independent business for eight years and I am glad that Handmade Happiness has been successful.

However I have to announce today that the shop will close down after Christmas. With a heavy heart I have decided it is no longer viable. With the political situation being what it is, everyone is uncertain, even fearful of what the future might hold. The result has been a real downturn in spending and this shop, along with many, many others has suffered. It's a tough world for small shops and I am sure you have noticed others in your area closing down.

I will continue to write this blog (hello America!) about all things handmade and the name Handmade Happiness will live on through Handmade Happiness events next year. More on that later. But for the moment, thank you for reading and for supporting the shop over the years. It continues to promote and contain the very best of handmade that I can find...

As the comment thing is so hard to manage, if you feel like commenting do drop me an email at jennystacy6@gmail.com  Thank you.

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