Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Pat Gude

Pat Gude made this applique cloth hanging by copying a 1920s London Underground poster in applique and stumpwork. She has done 5 more.
Close up of one of Pat Gude's fantastic textile hanging from a 1920s Underground poster.

Pat Gude has copied six vintage London Underground posters in cloth and stitch. She also makes jewellery for the Handmade Happiness shop.
When Pat showed me this textile hanging it took my breath away. It is brilliantly executed. 
It is not for sale but would look brilliant on display at the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden or the Contemporary Textiles Fair at Landmark Arts.
She has also made five other different hangings from other posters. I have not seen those but I daresay they are equally good. 

If you want to display Pat Gude's works of art you can contact her through me by email or shop phone:  Tel 01730 267711

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