Thursday 25 February 2021

Walking and painting

Painting and cutting out petals on painted background
More experimenting. Klimt style background
First primroses seen on a walk
Yesterday's walk was special

Apologies that I forgot to write on Monday. Sometimes being in Lockdown makes us a bit vague as to what day it is!!
Since I last spoke to you I've done a couple of paintings, just trying things out for an eventual bigger painting.

Walking is my other joy. Going off in a different direction yesterday I had to take a picture of this natural avenue through the trees. Perfect.
I was also lucky enough to see a white egret resting on a branch above the river and this first patch of primroses... 

Monday 15 February 2021

Making art?

Tulips in Jug by Jenny Stacy. A4 size
Spring chasing Winter away, Collage by Jenny Stacy. A4 size
Tulips in Jug by Jenny Stacy. BIG.

I have a problem with the word 'art'. What is art? Is it purely a subjective reaction to someone else's efforts? Now, as I struggle to produce pictures which could be attractive in someone else's eyes I feel confused.
Looking through The Art Book which has hundreds of 'artists' works I see some I recognise, I've maybe seen them in a gallery. Some which look simple and some which I can't think of as Art at all. For example I like photographs but I don't see them as art. 

The shame is that many artists are not recognised in their lifetime at all and die in poverty. Only later do other people benefit by selling their work.  Indeed the very word artist conjures up a tortured soul determined to keep on painting even though they are earning no money through it and might be thought of as irresponsible wastrels by members of society. What drives them? What makes them different to other people?
What do you think?
Meanwhile I have a glimmer of an idea for another picture...

Tuesday 9 February 2021

Hearts and flowers

So good to buy Spring flowers this week. I knitted the bunny slippers for the youngest family member.
Love collage. I made a dozen Valentines cards this week.
The heart shape gave me an idea....
A Love Bug designed and made by Jenny Stacy

It's that hearts and flowers time of year again!

Just when winter is feeling a month too long we have this nice distraction of telling everyone we love that we love them!

And the first daffodils and tulips are showing up in the supermarket.
I can't resist Spring flowers! They are a brave reminder of better times ahead.  That could also apply to the weird, disquieting times we are living through...

What are you missing right now?  Number one I miss my family and number two I miss my friends. Memories of meeting up, checking out a few shops and then settling down in a warm, welcoming cafe for cups of tea and a shared piece of cake... That all feels a bit unreal now. A distant memory.
The other thing I miss is having a shop or other peoples' shops to sell my stuff through. This is the first year I can remember when I have not sold loads of heart cards. And when I invented the Love Bug I could have done more and different shapes, sizes and colours but with no obvious place to sell I probably won't do any more.

Thank goodness for WhatsApp video, Face Time and Zoom ! So good to see people and communicate directly with them! It still feels like magic, especially when talking to my friend in Australia and she's wearing a sleeveless cotton top and I'm wrapped in three layers and a shawl!!

Things to be grateful for - modern technology and the West Wing which I missed first time around but I'm now enjoying watching every night.
What are you grateful for?

Monday 1 February 2021

Yay! February

Peony in the snow
I made a snow lady
Layering painted paper
Walking through the woods

The days are getting longer and Spring will soon be here. 
This week it was a delight to see snow. Even if it only lasted 24 hours.
Children, perhaps seeing snow for the very first time,  had snow ball fights, built snowmen and slid on trays. A welcome respite from lockdown.

It is a struggle to stay upbeat and creative right now. I miss my family, as I'm sure you do. But sunshine helps and walks into the countryside, hearing bird song and seeing buds on the trees and the first snowdrops. We are getting there. Life will improve. Stay strong dear readers.