Wednesday 24 March 2021

Painting Peonies

I enjoyed using watercolours and watercolour pencil for this
Pink peonies with watercolour
Pussy willow seen on a walk

Apologies for being late to post this week. It's been a busy one.
I enjoyed painting with watercolours instead of acrylics. I used a dark red watercolour pencil to draw the outlines and then filled in with watercolour. I like the way watercolours bleed into each other.

It is such a joy to be outdoors at the moment. There are new lambs in the fields and pregnant horses. New leaves are unfurling themselves on the trees and everywhere wild flowers dot the banks and hedgerows. Violets, celandine (which look like open buttercups) primroses and blue periwinkles have replaced the snowdrops now. I am so grateful to live in Petersfield with unspoilt countryside to see on every walk.

I want to achieve another flower picture this week. Flowers in a vase, similar to the tulip pictures I did but with various different flowers.
I hope you have something to look forward to and that you can get outside and appreciate nature too.

Saturday 13 March 2021

Cards and a canvas

A new style of card by Jenny Stacy
Just scribbling and enjoying colours

This is a big canvas.I did yesterday.

This blog is a record of what I'm doing: making cards, painting on paper and occasionally on canvas...

At one stage I posted every single day. That was when many more people looked at it. Now I only post once a week but all the time I enjoy sharing I'll continue, if only for my own pleasure and the ability to look  back in years ahead on twelve years of a creative life.

It's been nearly a year now of lockdowns and learning to live without socialising. Using paints and appreciating Nature has helped me. What has helped you to keep going?

Saturday 6 March 2021


Pale pink camellias in a Petersfield garden
A bike for four plus a big shop !!
Ancient yew in a churchyard
A church prepares for Easter...
Wish I could remember how I did this !

Hello. During lockdown I am thankful for being allowed to walk each day. Nearly a year now since restrictions started and of course, the pandemic has been with us far longer than that. But at least we can walk and I discover new bits of countryside every week.

 Now that Spring is breaking through the cold earth there is so much interest out there. Birds are singing extra loudly. Clumps of violets, primroses and snowdrops on the banks.

The slightly warmer weather gives me new energy to organise the house because one day, hopefully not too long from now, I look forward to having guests !

I hope that you too are feeling a bit more optimistic about the future.

I have been going through boxes and spotted this bit of painting. I love the vibrant colours and that combination of colours. But I can't remember what paints I used to achieve it. I will let myself experiment once the tidying up is completed. Carrot and stick...