Monday 31 May 2010

Just made dolls

Mary is a thinker.
Tessa is very proud of her thick hair.

Katy reminds me of my mother.
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Sunday 30 May 2010

Aunt Priscilla tries to pin down the little ones!

I've made some new little dolls! I've actually made five but I've got to knit clothes for the other three. Meanwhile meet Daisy (left) who loves pink and Emma (right) the glamorous one!
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Friday 28 May 2010

First roses in the garden

While the roses in the back garden (which faces north) are still at the small bud stage this one in the front garden is in full glorious bloom.
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Tuesday 25 May 2010

Workshop Update

Just two weeks before the next 'Free Knitting' workshop! Each workshop is for just six people. Let me know if you want to join us before all places are taken. Email: All workshops are 10am to 1pm at my home in Petersfield. The cost is £30. Refreshments provided.
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Mentioned in SELVEDGE magazine

Ok my name is spelled wrong - not once but twice! But I was thrilled to see this. Mentioned in Selvedge.Like a very small badge of honour!
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Monday 24 May 2010

21st Century Yarns

In the top of the picture you can see the hand-dyed silk I bought from the 21st century yarns stand at Petworth over the weekend. The colours (as seen above in their postcard) are scrumptious. Check out their website at
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Petworth House and grounds is a lovely setting for a Textiles Event. And there were some beautiful textiles on display. (I bought torchon lace, some Liberty bias binding, gloriously coloured dyed silk yarn.) Thank you to everyone who bought from me. 
Please email  with enquiries or orders.
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Friday 21 May 2010

Ghost Iris

These iris are pale to the point of ghostly. I'm sure that last year they were pale lilac in colour. My soil may be deficient in something that gives them colour...? But they are rather beautiful.
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Thursday 20 May 2010

At Home with Flowers

The photo is of my mother, aged about 5, vase, small dog and carved perspex all charity shop finds.
Pale pink hyacinths with matching chair in the kitchen.

Don't you love pansies? I can't remember where I got the hand-painted saucer from. This is another glimpse of the kitchen. I dislike the blue worktop but it doesn't look too bad in this light.
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Sunday 16 May 2010

Makers' Market

The new Makers Market in Petersfield had some wonderful stalls on Saturday. Enamelled bowls, velvet patchwork, decorated tutus, wonderful mixed media art works. The most unusual and desirable pieces were there to buy. And it was very well attended.
Congratulations and respect to Wanda Grosvenor, the organiser for doing such a good job publicising it.

Walking through bluebell woods

This is Bedale School's land. There is an ancient right of way through it. Villagers from Steep used to walk their animals to market in nearby Petersfield along it. Now with the bluebells in full bloom it looks the perfect setting for a country wedding.
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Thursday 13 May 2010

New shops in Arundel

Don't you love the garden swing in the window of this new florist in Tarrant Street?
And pictured below is a new shop called 'Plumtree'. A nice combination of painted furniture and Green Gate accessories.
Also in Tarrant Street is this little shop to rent. One for me perhaps? JUST KIDDING FAMILY!!!

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Mum and the kids (above) and Dad (below) keeping watch from the bank. These pictures were taken on a walk round Arundel. The ducks live in what looks like the Castle moat. My parents used to have a pond in their garden and occasionally my mother would 'rescue' a little duckling and keep it warm in the bottom oven of the Aga. Then release back into the wild once it had grown strong enough.
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'Free Knitting' workshop

This is what six clever knitters produced yesterday. They picked up the new techniques easily. Conversation flowed and everyone had fun.
I'm thinking of repeating this workshop on Wednesday June 9th. Let me know if want to come.
And for those of you interested in the button making workshop .. that is on Wednesday August 11th .. please book if you want to attend.
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Friday 7 May 2010


This week I am in a dither of indecision. I could push for my dream shop. A day dream I have had for years to own an inspiring little boutique full of the best quality craft materials. A possible premises is available at last... But it would involve borrowing a large sum of money from the bank...
Or alternatively I could do a lot more teaching. A safer option financially I'm sure.
The news today of a hung parliament underlines my indecision. We can take nothing for granted in this world. With any decision there is risk attached.
But I am heartened by the news that in Arundel three new shops have opened this week - a florist, a painted furniture shop and a habadashery shop. Perhaps I'll talk to those brave shop owners first before making a decision.
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Tuesday 4 May 2010

Workshops - the raw materials

I'm excited about the 'Free Knitting' workshop here at my home on Wednesday May 12th. 'Free Knitting' is a knitting adventure where you are free to use colour, different stitches, increases, decreases, bobbles etc. wherever you want them. You can even mix in crochet with your knitting. You will produce a uniquely-your-own finished piece that could be the start of a jacket, the beginning and end of a purse, a piece of a bedspread or a scarf. Whatever you choose. It's fun and companionable.
The workshop next week is full but I have started a waiting list for the next one. Email me for details.
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Sunday 2 May 2010

Layered necklaces

I am enjoying cutting up felt to make these bib style necklaces. From Tuesday smaller versions will be in Tricot Too, Petersfield.
This week I want to use the same technique to make lots of other items. Watch this space!
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