Friday 25 March 2011

Mood indigo

Visiting one of these stores has given me a whole new level of aspiration!! Please note sd* anything from this store is supremely acceptable! I am inspired and can't stop thinking about an indigo blue throw. Apparently based on a blanket given to the designer by his Dad when a child this is a patchwork of holed old pieces - knitting, wool cloth all in shades of faded denim, all darned, patched and sewn to appear ancient and worn. Far too good to use on a bed or settee. This is wall art. And sorry sd * it's £1,650
The look is luxury prairie/ wild west. Colours of earth and sky. The best fabrics, lace and hand knits married with worn leather and gleaming silver. *sd -sugar daddy

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Inspiring me now!

Ever since my friend Ann offered me a free knitting machine I have been dreaming of what I can make with it. ok maybe Missoni comes in the advanced category but aren't these knits amazing?
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Country Living Fair

Yesterday after many days of all things funeral I had a treat day out. After coffee with a friend I jumped on a train and, on impulse saw my daughter at Ralph Lauren where she works (details above). Then with my mind well and truly blown by the beauty of it all, I popped into Cabbages and Roses whose prints I still love (Hatley please sd*)then on a tube to the Country Living fair. I was late (after 5pm) but ran round the newcomers - crochet interesting as the NOW thing. Good chat with the lovely sisters who produce beautiful knitwear on the island of Westray talking about how the show's organisers should give free stands to quality handmade in the UK people because they are who visitors want to buy from. Then to Pizza Express with my friend Kate Hackett, the potter, whose work always sells well, for a good catch up. A perfect day out.
*sd - my imaginary friend - sugar daddy
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Wednesday 23 March 2011

Deryn Relph's cushions

These amazing machine knitted cushions are currently on sale in Tricot Too. The bright, retro design and pom pom trim add up to something uniquely desirable. See more at
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Tuesday 22 March 2011

A Brick Lane special

In Brick Lane - the fifties and sixties shop I was telling you about in Petersfield is this fascinating toy washing machine. It's brand new, still in its original box. It claims to work 'like a real one.' If I wasn't already so cluttered(see previous post) I would be tempted ...Update 2012- this shop has now closed.
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Lauren Vidal loveliness

These clothes are so pretty and feminine for summer. In the window now at Tricot Too, Petersfield are left a dress and cardigan and right leggings, linen tunic and pink long cardigan all by Lauren Vidal. The necklace is by Jenny Stacy and the wonderful lampshade is by Deryn Relph.
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Friday 18 March 2011

A death in the family

My darling Dad who I respect so much died this week. He bore the horrors of Parkinsons Disease with an almost saintly serenity. He was and will always be a role model and inspiration to his family.
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Saturday 5 March 2011

Tricot Too - inside

A view of the interiors room.
My jewellery displayed on painted bottles and hanging rails.
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Tricot Too - outside

I love doing new window displays. All the interiors stock above is new in. Kelim cushions, a quilted cotton throw, tulip candles etc.

And in the clothes window, blues and pale grey. I particularly like the outfit on the left. All these pieces are by Myrine and Me.
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Friday 4 March 2011

Lighter evenings ...

Can you feel a surge of energy now that spring is here? I feel that life is full of exciting possibilities at the moment. It's so nice to see the sun and not to have to drive home in the dark in the lighter evenings. To plan what to grow in the garden now the soil is warming up. To decide on which of the many ideas for new products that are being written about in my notebook I am going to spend time creating. And basically that means what products have the best chance of selling. I didn't always think like that. I used to just make what pleased me but times have changed. Our 'Big Society' means people thinking more and spending less.
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Tuesday 1 March 2011

A day at Unravel

I bought this gloriously coloured wool from Michelle Green (see post below) who has spun and dyed it herself.
This trompe d'oiel pot plant hung in the entrance.

I spent the whole of Sunday looking round Unravel at Farnham Maltings. There was so much to see. Best of all the Designers' Room where yarn became art. Check out and Why aren't these people famous? They design and make the most amazing things.
Last year I had a stand at Unravel. But having a stand means you don't get to look around. And there were so many good things to look at if you are interested in knitting. Workshops and talks. A fashion show. Loads of trade stands to buy yarns and accessories from.
I wish now I'd taken a picture of the Plant Dyed Wool stand where a lovely lady wearing a dress she'd woven herself was selling looms and the most vibrantly coloured woven blankets. Check out
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