Saturday 31 October 2009

Lots of flowers!

I'm always surprised by how long these take to make. It's not the felting or the velvet bit, it's sewing the brooch backs on and laying felt over them to make them look as neat as possible on the back. The hand sewing bit takes time.
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Friday 30 October 2009

Edible or Poisonous?

I've been making lots of felt brooches today and it was nice to take a break mid-morning to go for a walk with friend Anne and Dolly the dog. I wonder what these mushrooms are called? Note the pine cone pictured above gnawed down to the core by a squirrel.
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Thursday 29 October 2009


Choccywoccydoodah creations seen at Liberty. I know someone whose wedding cake was made by them...
( I hadn't intended to use this picture today but I've got technical problems and can't download latest photos. Grrr!!)
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Wednesday 28 October 2009

Tuesday 27 October 2009

Anthropologie, Regents Street

Visited the new Anthropologie yesterday. Pictured above is a beautiful soap my daughter bought me on one of their bags.

Their window display was created from used fruit tea bags. And inside the story was also about re-using and being different from every other shop.
These giant chandeliers were cut open plastic cups, yoghurt pots and other rubbish all coming gloriously creatively together.
You can see what the shop sells on The Londoners we overheard love this American import. With the accent on appreciating the old but giving old crafts a contemporary twist and designing totally desirable things this shop feels right for right now.
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Friday 23 October 2009

Gallery Opening

Last night saw the launch of Alresford's new gallery, Red Dog. The place was packed with well-wishers. Although Red Dog has been open since August, last night's official opening has truly put it on the map. The gallery stocks a wide range of handmade items including my dolls, cats, handmade buttons and textile jewellery. I am very pleased to be associated with Red Dog.
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Monday 19 October 2009

Which socks to wear today?

Is it bitterly cold where you are? It would be nice to own all these socks from the Toast catalogue! Every year it is a personal challenge to see how long I can hold out before puting the heating on. I haven't cracked so far but I think today may be the day!

Yesterday I visited the Festival of Crafts at Farnham. So many good makers there. One or two had just done Origin. But I got the impression that not a lot of money was being spent. Perhaps a tad early for Christmas present buying? The Maltings hosts another event on the weekend of November 27th and 28th called 'Gift'. Looking forward to seeing how that one compares.
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Tuesday 13 October 2009

Wrap around necklace

Pictured on a Linda Dooley tunic is one of my wrap around necklaces..
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Getting TOAST-y

Thinking of cold wintry nights to come, imagine curling up on the sofa in these brushed cotton pyjama bottoms...
or this sumptuous silk velvet dressing gown... both in the latest TOAST house and home catalogue.
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Monday 12 October 2009

Betts Vidal's button collages

Sometimes you come across something that looks so right it fills you with excitement. That's how I felt when I saw Bette Vidal's button collages. She takes old buttons and sews them onto card with items that resonate with the buttons. Often the cards are themed. A little bit of perfect. I met Bette, whose main occupation is doll making, at the Knitting and Stitching show in London. Her enthusiasm and beautiful collages were, for me, the highlight of the visit. To see her dolls visit
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Gorgeous work

Jill Flower's paper lace ruff at the Knitting and Stitching show.
Lizzie Houghton's nuno felting in close up. I so admire her work!
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Knitting and Stitching Show 2009

A boat covered in knitting. The work of 350 knitters who knitted fish in the nets, rats on board and covered every surface with their stitches.
The Selvedge stand selling Sophie Digard's designs.
The amazing nuno felted clothes made by Lizzie Houghton.
A good idea for fabric lampshades.
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Friday 9 October 2009

White on white

Love all these shades of white for winter cosiness. This is from 'White on White' by Stephanie Hoppen.
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Fresh brooches

I made these for Tricot in Arundel. Delivered slightly damp as it seems to take forever for the felt to dry. I like these colours. They look good against the dark coloured knitwear in the shops right now.
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Wednesday 7 October 2009

Red Cheer

On a filthy wet day I seek out my favourite reds to make me feel cheerful. Pictured above are my Marimekko tray, Marimekko tin which contains tea bags, my gorgeous nail polish red Guzzini container and some wools and red velvet. Do you find red uplifting? Perhaps you prefer another colour? I have a favourite red cardigan I always wear on the first day of the Country Living show. I always have a good time when I'm wearing it and I think it helps me sell well...
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Fabric finds

I found these interesting bits of fabric at The Barn, a new crafts shop in Chichester. The nice assistant was bagging up bits from the end of rolls and let me pick out the bits I liked to make up my personal £2.50 bag. The dull coloured overprinted natural linens are Japanese. I've not seen anything like them before. They also stock Amy Butler and (a few) Kaffe Fassett.
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Monday 5 October 2009

Saturday 3 October 2009

Felting process - BEFORE

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Healey and James

Yesterday I bought this fabulous scarf.

I found it at Healey and James the most exotically colourful shop I have ever seen! Find it at Hartley Park Farm, Selborne Road, Alton. It's open from 11am to 5.30pm Wednesday to Saturday. And the owner's oil pastel pictures of richly coloured flowers are pretty fabulous too!
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Friday 2 October 2009

A Martha Stewart Christmas!

Flicking through back copies of Martha Stewart's Living magazine I found these appealing images of the perfect Christmas.
These silver decorations are handmade from paper.
Linen stockings with delicate crocheted snowflakes. I like.
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