Tuesday 28 July 2009

The Busy Bee

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Work Update

You might be forgiven for thinking that Jenny never does any work she just potters about taking photographs of her garden. But actually dear reader you aren't taking into account the thinking time I do! Every project and new design needs thinking about, writing about, maybe sketching in my notebook.Then I make it and if it doesn't turn out the way I envisaged it I need to make it again, and maybe even again until I am satisfied with it.
At this moment I am thinking about work for a shop, a gallery and Petersfields' Artists exhibition which is at the end of August. I also need to make more jewellery for Tricot Too and then there are the individual orders that I have a list of waiting to be made, sent and crossed off the list.
I know I have a lovely life, doing what I love to do. But it isn't all pottering about in the garden watching bees...well ok some of it is!

Favourite things

My daughter Amy has just been in California for three weeks. She brought back Hersheys kisses. I actually banned myself from ever buying chocolate again while she was away in my efforts to get bikini thin this summer (lol) But she didn't know this and anyway receiving chocolate as gifts doesn't count -does it?
She also bought me this very pretty candle. She knows my taste so well. Thank you Amy!
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Monday 27 July 2009

Saturday 25 July 2009

Bakery Lane market take two

Today was quiet in Bakery Lane, Petersfield. Perhaps everyone had gone to the beach. This is my display. The flowers and veg are from my garden picked early this morning. The textile jewellery is sold by Tricot Too. Anyone who expresses an interest in it is directed there. The morning was so slow that if it hadn't been for Jenny selling silver plated cutlery made into jewellery moving her stall closer to mine so we could chat I think I would have gone mad. Luckily I made some sales in the afternoon. Few stall holders were there today but I guess that in the Christmas run up that little alleyway will be packed full of hopeful sellers.
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Tuesday 21 July 2009

Poppies from the past

Today I had a nice surprise. When I knew I'd be moving from my last house I collected seeds from the lovely poppies that bloomed there every year. Last year I sprinkled some of these from the jam jar onto the new garden. There are lots of red flowers but the two at the top, I think you'll agree, are very special. Does anybody know what they are called? This year I'll make sure to just gather seeds from the top two plants and label their envelopes for more of the same for next year. Just off to tie ribbons under the flowers to remind myself of where they are.
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Beautiful Box

Just looking at this beautiful old French box of soaps is inspirational - n'est pas?
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Monday 20 July 2009

Green risotto

A supper from the garden for my daughter Sophie and I. Homemade mushroom and onion risotto with this lot steamed then stirred in. Lettuce not steamed of course, lettuce just on the side. Pictured on the plate from top clockwise are sprouting broccolli, broad beans, runner beans, more broad beans and lettuce.

After talking to a friend about life in recession-hit Britain and what we can do about it, we had the idea of selling produce we have grown alongside products we have made. So if there are any vegetables or flowers left in the garden by next weekend you'll see them on my stand in Bakery Lane, Petersfield this Saturday, July 25th!
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Friday 17 July 2009

Papayaart.com postcards

My daughter just sent me these intriguing collage postcards from Calilfornia. www.papayaart.com I wonder if they are sold in the UK?
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Tuesday 14 July 2009

What happened to my blue hydrangea?

Last year I planted a hydrangea bush of the intensest blue. This year it is reverting to the more normal pink. Older peoples' wisdom (opw) is to bury rusty(?) nails in the soil alongside it to keep it blue.
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Monday 13 July 2009


'Posy' is one of five new named 'cats in cardigans' I've put up for sale in the shop http://jennystacyshop.blogspot.com email me for more information about them.
Actually if she doesn't sell quickly I might have to keep her. She's a bit special. But Elsie, Arthur, Wilbur and Flower are special too - click on the link to see for yourself!
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Sunday 12 July 2009

New style dolls

Yesterday I made six wire armatures for dolls . These will be 'fashion dolls' - very different from my usual dolls. I am aiming to have these on sale at my next event on Saturday July 25th in Bakery Lane, Petersfield.
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Thinking time

This statue is in Southampton. Look at the child being a continuation of the mother's body form. And the strength in the mother's torso. Why do I think it's of a mother? The statue could equally well be of a father and his child. It's simple, direct and pleasing. Simple things are pleasing. So why does life seem so complicated at times? Perhaps life is always simple but we over-complicate situations by thinking too much about them! I am thinking a lot at the moment. These are hard economic times and people are being forced to make changes in their lives. How are you surviving the recession and have you had to change the way you live your life?
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Tuesday 7 July 2009

Cats visit the Library

Cats like these can be seen in Havant library where my work is on display until the end of July.
These particular cats are available from my shop. Click on http://jennystacyshop.blogspot.com
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