Saturday 30 January 2010

Strawberry Necklace

I love my strawberry necklace. It is quite short but longer than choker length and does up with a 'vintage' red button. Just right for summer.
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Friday 29 January 2010

Painted Buttons

I am looking forward to 'Unravel' on February 27th and 28th at Farnham Maltings. It is a festival of knitting with handspun and dyed yarns, talks, workshops - a joy for anyone who likes to knit or crochet. This year I have a stand selling my buttons, which include these girls pictured, hundreds of all shapes, sizes and colour combinations of the buttons pictured below and some surprises which I will be working on just as soon as my tax is completed...
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Monday 25 January 2010

The Detached Chain Band

On Friday I met up with 14 women who wanted to make buttons. They originally got together at Northbrook College where they were taught by Kay Ball. They continue making and learning once a fortnight and they gave me a warm welcome.
It has been a while since I gave a workshop I have to admit so I wasn't very confident. However these lovely ladies put me at ease and after step by step instructions and demonstration everyone went home with buttons - and in some cases beads and a pendant as well!
Their leader, Jan Rylatt, saw an article about me in etc magazine and members particularly wanted to know about my textile bracelets. These are made up of crocheted and knitted beads and some of my painted beads. Now I would guess that everyone there is a better knitter than I am and soon 'bobble' beads were piling up and someone suggested that at the next meeting everyone wears a knitted bead necklace they made themselves. So send me a photo please and I'll publish it here!

Friday 22 January 2010

Button Making

Today for the first time I am teaching button making. I have been making buttons in all shapes and sizes and colours for many years and always thought it was the one thing I wouldn't teach. But today I'll share with the 'Detached Chain Band' a group of textile artists who meet regularly near Worthing.
I think, for me, 2010 will be a year of teaching workshops. Next month I am doing a workshop for Phoenix Stitchers, although not in button making, and from March onwards I plan to run regular workshops from home. It should be fun.
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Taking Photos

This shows some of my current work in the shop Tricot Too in Petersfield. The latest designs are the felt lemon brooches which add a zing of colour. A better photographer would have shown you a clearer picture. The bead necklaces are painted beads on long elastic so they can go round the neck once or twice, or be worn as a bracelet...!
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Tuesday 19 January 2010

Making for Tricot Too

As the sun shines again (hurray!)I am busy making jewellery for this lovely shop to be worn with the new spring/summer clothes being delivered (picture taken last summer.)
I am also having to focus on filling in my tax form. Grrrr! That is not quite so much fun!
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Wednesday 13 January 2010

Flowers will bloom again...!!

After another two plus inches of snow I thought I'd reassure myself with these pictures taken in my garden last June.
Flowers will bloom and the sun will shine. Can't wait!
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Tuesday 12 January 2010

A dollar a dress a day

While browsing blogs I came across Marisa who set herself the challenge of making a dress a day every day for a year. Her budget is a mere dollar a day and she finds charity shop or car boot clothes and customises them to suit her. You've got to admire her! Check out her before and after clothes at

Sunday 10 January 2010

Images from old Vogues

Handmade post card I sent to one of my daughters. Easy to do and pleasing to receive.
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Saturday 9 January 2010

Ribbons from VV

I was tempted by these ribbons yesterday at VV Rouleau. They're for decorating bags that are in the pipeline. An impetuous decision to train it to London. With awful weather forecast for this weekend and the trains apparently running normally I jumped on and met my daughter and put the world to rights over shared pizza and risotto. Glad I went. Now freshly inspired to get on with those bags.
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Igloo weather!

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Tabio Tights

I love coloured tights - especially in this weather. This is one of Tabio's windows in the Kings Road.
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Friday 8 January 2010

Adapting to ice and snow

I pushed a car up here. Yes, probably more of a hindrance than a help. But car wheels can't grip the icy surface and they spin uselessly.Owners of land rovers and 4 wheel drives have the advantage in this weather.

Our proud statue in the square has received a soft snow mantle - like ermine fur- is that a white stoat? Sounds regal anyway.
Yesterday tramping about in town I saw people using ski poles as walking aids; lots of kids in sledges; nearly all the shops closed apart from supermarkets and the odd brave soul. Tesco Express is being manned just by staff who live near enough to walk in. The snow is now covered in a crisp icy coating. At last the High Street pavements have been gritted. But off High Street it's slippery. On one corner four people fell over in quick succession. Like sheet glass. I rang the council and hope they have now gritted it.
I learn that a friend is one of those unlucky enough to get stuck on the A3 on Tuesday night. She set off from Petersfield around 5pm and finally reached home at 4am. I can't imagine how frustrating that must be.
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Thursday 7 January 2010

Snow musings

A wood burning stove, that's what I'd like. A warming stew bubbling on the hob, sheepskin rugs under foot and on furniture to snuggle into. Puffa coats, wooly hats and gloves and snow boots waiting by the door for venturing out.
Yesterday trudging through 6 - 8 inches of the soft white stuff I saw:
a new baby swaddled well on a little plastic sledge being pulled by his Daddy;
children using a hill road normally thick with traffic as a toboggon run;
a very tall snowman;
a Jack Russell catching snowballs in his mouth and thoroughly enjoying it!

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Wednesday 6 January 2010

Snow Joke!

Last night the flakes were this big. Causing two inches to fall very quickly.

This morning it's snowing again. I reckon Petersfield has 6 inches. Listening to the radio people have been stranded overnight on the A3. Wishing I had some cross country skis. That's the only way to get around easily in this weather! Listening to the news the army is being mobilised to help people stranded in their cars. Dressing in hiking boots, warm layers and hat. More photos coming!
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Tuesday 5 January 2010

Felt Fruit

Yesterday I made these and a lemon brooch. I did more clothes sketching and fabric sorting. I sorted out on paper how the bags are going to be. And I worried about my porch which urgently needs a builder. Don't you wish there was an office on every High Street where you could speak to the best plumber, electrician, builder, carpenter etc in the area. The council could arrange a contest where people secretly scored tradespeople for any work they had done and the winners in each category were given this free of charge office space. Ideal for people new to an area who don't know who to employ. Sorry, that's not about handmade...
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Saturday 2 January 2010


It's 2010! May it be your best year ever. I plan to keep making one off jewellery pieces, like these, I'm also thinking about unusual handbags and even the odd piece of clothing. Plus lots of buttons of course.
My first show of 2010 is Unravel at Farnham Maltings, a specialist knitting wool show where I'll be selling all kinds of handmade buttons. It's on February 27 and 28th 10-4pm.
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