Sunday 31 July 2011

New in Tricot Too

The front section of the Tricot Too shop in Petersfield is for homewares. These attractive recycled wood boxes have just come in, each with carrying handle. From the top they cost £25; £29 and £28 respectively.
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Saturday 30 July 2011

A Shop of one's Own

When I lived in Paris I used to visit a wonderful habadashery shop called La Drougerie on rue du Jour. I dreamed of one day having a shop like it myself. It had large glass sweet jars of beads and velvet flowers; padded boards of buttons; shelves of wools and reels of ribbon and examples of what you could make dotted about.

Yesterday I felt quite mad with excitement having found what could be a suitable shop for my habadashery plus makes. My little creative hub in Petersfield. With ideas buzzing I went straight to the bank.

The business advisor at Barclays talked shop insurance; Health and Safety; accountants, solicitors, contracts until I felt the sea of potential debt closing in over my head. Leaving there I felt quite low.And I thought the goverment wanted to encourage enterprise and new businesses.
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Friday 29 July 2011

In Wild Damson now

Yesterday I spotted these pretty pieces in new shop Wild Damson in Dragon Street, Petersfield.
 From the top is an Edwardian campaign chair £49 - this folds so you can hang it up when not in use; a painted washstand with drawer £110 and a decorative garden bench £129.
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Thursday 28 July 2011

Ikea colour and design

Last weekend my daughter and I walked Ikea, Southampton. I saw a white wrought iron double bed I'd like for £86; an Abstract glossy white kitchen - shiny white cupboards look so fresh and clean - and clever 'L' shaped settees that pull out into double beds.

What I actually bought is two white on white square box frames which I was going to put collage into but now I think a grid of some of my carved/interestingly-shaped old mother of pearl buttons would look good in them maybe against some white velvet...

We then went round John Lewis - this is one of my favourite shops. She tried on clothes and I was excited to find a basket of Rowan linen yarns - were £5.50 now reduced right down to £1.65. Yes, they are unusual colours and I guess that's why they're in the sale, but I like unusual colours the best!

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Wednesday 27 July 2011

Japanese masking tape

I love using this Japanese masking tape, whether it's to tape up an envelope, finish off a gift package, stick postcards/inspiration to the wall (although it states it should only be used on paper) or in collage pictures.

I first saw it for sale in John Lewis just before Christmas. That's when I bought the spotty one. Now a John Lewis assistant told me 'that's the sort of thing we only have at Christmas time' -er, why?
I've been looking out for it since then and I was pleased to find a few rolls at the Hambledon, Winchester (see previous post).

Does anyone know of a site that sells individual rolls? A friend says she has seen it with patterns on.
In my sometime in the future shop I will certainly want to stock it!!
(The pretty cup, saucer and plate set was a lucky charity shop find.)
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Tuesday 26 July 2011

Out of Xile at Tricot Too

All these soft, feminine clothes by Out of Xile are half price in the Tricot Too sale now on in Petersfield.

Long, raspberry jacket, now £84 over vest £27 and long skirt £42. Raspberry dress now £59.
Pictured below is the ruffle top in navy, now £56 over blue silk dress, now £91 and rimini leggings, now £22.
Alongside is the thick cotton jacket, now £91 over matching dress now also £91 and long pebble skirt £42.
The Jenny Stacy textile jewellery is not in the sale. Necklace £10 and knitted rose brooches £22.
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Monday 25 July 2011

Cards to Pictures?

A Tricot Too customer suggested I should make big collages colour themed to room colours on commission.

I can imagine big canvasses perhaps including personal or family references.
I've made and sold small collage canvasses in the past. Big canvasses sound a bit daunting...

But with her words in mind I picked up a couple of 9" box frames from Ikea when I went to Southampton yesterday. Baby steps.
I'll share the photos I took in Ikea in a future post.
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Sunday 24 July 2011

Stitch Exhibition

Saw this poster while out power(!) walking. To see more of Heather Lipscombe's work click
Her exhibition with wood turner Ken Briffett runs from Saturday August 6th -14th at thePhysic Garden, Petersfield. A close up of Heather Lipscombe's work.

How sad and shocking that Amy Winehouse has died aged just 27. I remember the first time I heard that amazing, unique voice. Maybe the responsibility of being so special was too much for her. It seems such a waste that her young life is over. R.I.P.
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Saturday 23 July 2011

Light on Lemons

My mother worked at Champneys health resort in the early 1950s. In the 'light diet' dining room clients were served water with a slice or two of lemon in it.
These perfect lemons are on my kitchen table. The plate is by
Some days the light is just right for taking photos! This is also in my kitchen. The sweetpeas are from the garden and the herbs sit on the window sill.
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Friday 22 July 2011

Business cards

Last night I sorted out papers into those suitable for card making and those not good enough. Then instead of throwing anything away I tore, glued and chopped until I had a stack of business cards.
For the exhibition Ann Hutchins and I are doing at the Physic Garden,Petersfield in October we want every little thing to be handmade - price labels, paper bags, gift boxes - the lot.

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Thursday 21 July 2011

Successful charity run! a dash round the charity shops! Found this Laura Ashley skirt. (Love the fabric) £8
This old jug £2-49
An ornate frame which may get painted white and will be used to display jewellery.£5
I'll hot wash this to felt it and then cut it up for jewellery and maybe part of a bag.
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Wednesday 20 July 2011

Giant Embroidery

Alice Kettle's whole wall work.

This is in the Winchester Discovery Centre, forming the back drop to a cafe and shop.I was surprised to find this lush, state of the art library open on Sundays. And even more surprised to find that this library contains two art galleries. One of local artists' paintings and the other for national art.

I was pleased to find lots of books on felting including Felting Fashion by Lizzie Houghton because I am fascinated by nuno felting ie forming fabric by rubbing wool into fine, see through fabrics like chiffon, silk or net. More of that later.

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Tuesday 19 July 2011

Necklace order

I just made these necklaces for an order through Tricot Too and I particularly like the grey ones.
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Monday 18 July 2011

The Hambledon, Winchester

Who cares if it rains when you spend time in a gorgeous shop like this? 

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...and things I'd like to buy there...

Baby ballerina.
Liberty print shoes.
Don't mend! Iron on a patch!
Luxurious Rococo chocolate!

All seen and admired at The Hambledon in Winchester.
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Sunday 17 July 2011

More Tricot Too Sale Picks

Smart, fitted coat from Out of Xile. Now £105
Lauren Vidal pretty dress with pink slip now £80.50
Lauren Vidal long dress now £55.50
Linen ekta dress now £59.50
Lauren Vidal dress now £97.50
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