Monday 31 August 2009

A Special Exhibition

The remarkable thing about this exhibition is that in spite of having no selection proceedure all the work is of a high standard. Anyone who lives in or near Petersfield is welcome to join PACS. Paintings and craft are well displayed and the large hall looks inviting and impressive. Professional artists work sits alongside amateur efforts but the whole effect is pleasingly eclectic and inclusive. Unfortunately taking photographs is forbidden otherwise I could show you some of the beautiful pieces on display. But of course you could visit for yourself. It closes on Saturday afternoon 3.00pm. For more information on PACS see their website.
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Thursday 27 August 2009

Sarah Young's Dolls

On Arundel Gallery trail at the weekend I discovered Sarah Young's dolls. Sarah is an illustrator and the dolls show little details which make each in its wood box a completely individual character. Just beautifully done. See more at
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Sunday 23 August 2009

The Girls in the Exhibition

Meet (l - r) Lily, Priscilla, Mabel, Elsie and Doris. These girls will be exhibited at Petersfield Festival Hall as part of PACS (Petersfield's Artists) annual exhibition from August 29th to September 5th. I just took them to the town hall where they suffered the indignities of the handing in proceedure. Sticky labels were stuck to their bottoms to identify them. I mean - I ask you - was there no other way? They were quite put out. Doris is particularly incensed and just wants to get out of there as quickly as possible. Let's hope she's the first one to be sold.
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Thursday 20 August 2009

Why are nice events so expensive?

I just received an invitation to sell at the Oxford Christmas Market. I'd love to do this one. It's at Oxford Castle, a gorgeous setting, in December. But it costs £1,300 for a stand.
When will event organisers realise that the vast majority of designer makers whose original, one off products the public want to buy at Christmas just can't afford stand prices like that?
Big companies whose products are familiar to everyone because they're in lots of shops will be there. But the public want to find quirky little one off bits of Christmas magic that their friends won't have seen before. Handmade arty pieces with the 'Wow!' factor that make the perfect gift. Those are what I look for at a Christmas market.
Perhaps one day in the distant future event organisers will realise that designer makers with lovely different pieces should be cherished. They are the attraction. People visit the big shows in the hope of finding them. Perhaps one day show organisers will pay designer makers to take a stand at their show ... what do you think?

Tricot Too Today

All these clothes are in Tricot Too's sale. I've only two more days to work here - Tuesday and the following Tuesday September 1st. And I am going to miss it. Relaxed atmosphere, lovely customers, easy-to-wear clothes and quirky gifts. Go visit.
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Saturday 15 August 2009

A sea of dolls

Ten new dolls are breaking the waves. Don't they look as if they're taking part in some cross-Channel swimathon? So far they've only got their socks on. And I haven't yet sewed in the ends of those...Very slow progress. I'm finding that with working for someone else most days I'm squeezing in doll making at night. I took a job at Cabbage White, starting last week. It's a lovely shop selling things for the home in Midhurst. And I'm continuing to enjoy odd days of working at Tricot Too in Petersfield, which sells clothes.
Four of these dolls are for a new gallery and six will be exhibited at Petersfield Artists annual show at the Festival Hall which runs from 29th August until 5th September.
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Tuesday 11 August 2009

Fanciful by Joanne Tinker

This beautiful piece if made of recycled clear carrier bags and coloured foils from chocolates. See more of Joanne's recycled pieces at
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Monday 10 August 2009

Plarn anyone?

Plarn - plastic yarn cut from carrier bags - is in the Sunday Times this week. John-Paul Flintoff writes 'How to Fix the World with a Crochet Hook'. He argues that we can all make a difference and he visits schools demonstrating how plarn from just one carrier bag can encircle a whole school hall filled with children. And with a crochet hook it can be made into ...

This is my problem with plarn. What can you use it for that looks attractive? J-P Flintoff offers a bowl and uses it to stuff a toy octopus made from the legs of discarded tights. But plarn tends to be white with little bits of orange and blue (Sainsburys)or ditto with green (Waitrose) white red and blue (Tesco). Maybe if just the coloured plarn was used for crocheting and all the white for stuffing?

How about a competition to see who can make plarn look the most beautiful?

ps. J-P Flintoff who also makes his own clothes (though not from plarn) has written a book 'Through the Eye of a Needle' published by Permanent Publications.

Friday 7 August 2009

Working Here!

A reason I haven't blogged lately is that I'm working here during August as holiday relief. The other reason is that I have also taken a permanent job in another shop. But more of that later. I am also making up orders and writing down ideas for Christmas decorations.
I will try to blog more often now I'm getting used to the new routine.
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