Tuesday, 9 February 2021

Hearts and flowers

So good to buy Spring flowers this week. I knitted the bunny slippers for the youngest family member.
Love collage. I made a dozen Valentines cards this week.
The heart shape gave me an idea....
A Love Bug designed and made by Jenny Stacy

It's that hearts and flowers time of year again!

Just when winter is feeling a month too long we have this nice distraction of telling everyone we love that we love them!

And the first daffodils and tulips are showing up in the supermarket.
I can't resist Spring flowers! They are a brave reminder of better times ahead.  That could also apply to the weird, disquieting times we are living through...

What are you missing right now?  Number one I miss my family and number two I miss my friends. Memories of meeting up, checking out a few shops and then settling down in a warm, welcoming cafe for cups of tea and a shared piece of cake... That all feels a bit unreal now. A distant memory.
The other thing I miss is having a shop or other peoples' shops to sell my stuff through. This is the first year I can remember when I have not sold loads of heart cards. And when I invented the Love Bug I could have done more and different shapes, sizes and colours but with no obvious place to sell I probably won't do any more.

Thank goodness for WhatsApp video, Face Time and Zoom ! So good to see people and communicate directly with them! It still feels like magic, especially when talking to my friend in Australia and she's wearing a sleeveless cotton top and I'm wrapped in three layers and a shawl!!

Things to be grateful for - modern technology and the West Wing which I missed first time around but I'm now enjoying watching every night.
What are you grateful for?

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