Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Beautiful things

Jenny Drant has knitted these pretty baby girls clothes in a mix of Alpaca and cotton. The Rachel Riley shoes were a lucky charity shop find for just £3 and are not for sale!
I hand sewed this lavender bag using old lace ribbons and grey silk.
Love these new pots Niloo Wickramasinghe has made for Handmade Happiness.
Seen near Waitrose car park in Petersfield this is a Madrone (US) or arbutus unedo (thanks Instagram friends!)

I have always tried to have only the very best things in Handmade Happiness. I want visiting to be an experience, unlike visiting any other shop. I am lucky to have such talented makers.

 Jenny Drant knits wonderful things for the shop and Niloo makes heavenly pots and vases. You only have to scroll down to see examples of other talented makers work.

 I think I have been really lucky that these gifted individuals have found the shop to be a good fit for the beautiful things they make.

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