Thursday, 28 November 2019


Assorted stockings for sale in Handmade Happiness
Baby's first Christmas?
Stockings of all sizes. The knitted stocking is made by Rubecula Threads.
Cosy sheepskin slippers at Caroline Bloomfield
Sheepskin hot water bottle covers at Caroline Bloomfield.

On the worktable are a lot of stockings that need loops or tops or just making from scratch. At this time of year there are lots of different things that need attention. More fairies to make. Tree topper angels (see below) that I still haven't finished. Cashmere bunnies stuffed with lavender I need to make for an order. Not to mention getting the whole shop in perfect condition for the next tenant by the end of December.

On Sunday I'll see the family, and it's a chance to drop off presents. They need to be gift wrapped and tagged and checked to see that everyone has been treated fairly!

Caroline Bloomfield is the name of a shop in Midhurst. A shop I admire. Imagine puting your feet into the slippers pictured above on one of these cold, wet winter evenings! 
I'm off to wrap presents.
Happy Christmas preparations everyone!!

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