Saturday, 16 November 2019

Making dolls is not easy!

Doll patterns I drew for angel tree toppers

I confess I don't find making easy sometimes. I have an order for an angel tree topper. I did some last year. They sold. Now this year I feel I am re-inventing the wheel! I've been putting off making the thing for ages but quite why it should feel like such an obstacle I don't know. After all I've made dozens of dolls in my time.

I think I get confused by seeing so many dozens of photographs on Instagram and Pinterest. You start to feel you are not good enough or that your dolls are different but not in a good way! 

Last night I cut out the patterns and sewed them up. But when it came to turning them inside out the middle pattern was a clear winner!! Including thumbs and feet is bad news when it comes to turning! 

Now I wonder if I can get away with just doing an armless, legless torso? After all the sumptous dress will hide the fact she has no legs and arms can be added after the body is made if they seem to be necessary.I have been collecting the most wonderful angel fabrics - chiffon and silk, tulle and embroidered luxury fabrics. Ribbons and jewels and beads. Decorating these angel tree toppers will be a delight! I've just got to get them to that stage first! 

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