Sunday 3 October 2021

Drawing every day

I'm enjoying this book
Day 1: Drawing a garland with a face in the middle
Drawing things that make me happy
Things I see when out walking

I bought two books recently and this is one of them. I find having a prompt helps me get on with drawing and painting. I'll talk about the other book in another post.
For more daily paintings you can see jenny_handmade_happiness on Instagram.
In fact since I started posting on Instagram I've neglected to write on this blog. That's a shame because at one time I wrote on this blog every day. That was years ago. I started this blog when I was very busy making things to sell for a show called the Country Living magazine's Show in London.
I used to write about hoping and dreaming to have a shop of my own one day instead of selling to other shops and direct to the public.  But shop rents where I lived were so expensive I couldn't imagine being able to turn a profit. It wasn't until I moved to Petersfield many years later that I eventually came across a shop that seemed viable.

My shop called Handmade Happiness in Dragon Street opened and 8 years later was still going. I closed down for good at the start of Covid. I couldn't imagine it continuing. But all through the shop's existence I wrote this blog.
This blog is now 13 years old. Is this a record? It's 13th birthday was on September 22nd.


bright star said...

Covid really turned me off being creative and politics sickened me so I mostly gave up on my blog .I was looking at it and other people's and thought maybe I might start again

jenny said...

Hello Bright Star,
I am glad you were inspired to start again. I enjoyed looking at your blog and will look at it again soon.
I agree with everything you say about Covid and our present rulers...
I too find that our current situation saps creativity and without my shop I feel it's pointless to make in the way that I used to.
I think everyone has re-assessed their lives and will hopefully look forward to living in a 'greener' way from now on.
So keep writing and sharing, I will be reading and commenting.x