Monday, 2 October 2017

New in the shop

Tanya Williamson made a big delivery of her wonderful stitched applique cushions 
I designed and  made a cashmere bear and dog to add to the popular cashmere bunnies.
Karen Boller has made this charming bird on a cotton reel. Pictured with party earrings made by Annie Sherburne.
After nine years of blogging I'm wondering whether I should continue this blog or start a new one with a different design and slightly different subject matter. I'd love to know your comments. I know the comment thing under is hard to use so please feel free to email me: Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jenny,
Je suis très contente de regarder ton blog de temps en temps.
Je vois que ton désir de créer est toujours le même.
Je sais aussi par ton blog que tu es toujours vivante.
Je garde toujours une chambre pour toi si un jour tu veux séjourner chez moi.
Peut-être quand il y aura la guerre ....sur ton île que j' adore.

jenny said...

Thanks Ghislaine.You are a loyal friend! I hope life goes well for you. If you email me your email address I'll write at greater length. X