Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Bluebelle and Co

Pictures taken inside Bluebelle and Co in Trafalgar Street, Brighton.

 This Brighton shop on the road that runs down from the station under the bridge is full of imaginative decor ideas.
 It's a big shop that has been divided into three areas. First there's a Vintage Wall with products displayed in old leather suitcases which appear to be stuck to the wall (must be supported on small shelves) and ornate old gold frames with no backs showing jewellery.
 Then there's this mood board style collage round the counter, pictured above. I think this looks brilliant!
 The back room has a wonderful old four poster bed displaying the merchandise and a sturdy 'tree' from which bags are hung.  Carry on round and the childrens' area has a wall covered in blackboard paint.  
If you want to find out more check out the website


Amy said...

Very pretty, interesting looking shop- I really like the light fitting. xx

Anonymous said...

I like the pretty cushions - did they have the ones they used to sell in Tricot? xxx

jenny said...

No, they aren't the same as the cushions that were sold in Tricot.