Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Colour in knitting and crochet

I started these Granny squares yesterday on the train to Guildford.
I started making this vintage style throw ages ago.
Above, knitting by Luise Roberts on the cover of her book How to Knit and Crochet Blocks, Blankets and Throws. No I haven't got it but I'd like to own it.

Colour inspiration from garden flowers. 

I have two very important visitors at the shop this morning. Two people from the council who will interview me to see if I qualify for a 'new business' grant. I was under the impression (wrongly as it turns out) that new shops automatically got this £500 grant from East Hampshire council. So I'm going in early to make sure Handmade Happiness looks its very best...!

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Anonymous said...

ooh - hope you get the grant.