Wednesday, 11 July 2012


 I saw this in Guildford on Monday.

Yesterday's meeting went quite well I think.  Having to answer lots of business questions reminds me that being business- like is a stretch for me. You know how they say we have two sides to our brain, the practical, logical side and the creative, imaginative side? I think most of the time I think in that second side. 
I'm quite good at lateral thought and have a tendency to over-complicate things. When you think through a problem, immediately decide on a simple course of action and then think all round the problem before finally deciding that actually the simplest way you thought of first is correct.  Am I boring you or do you relate to this?

Anyway after a conversation about the profitability of each item in the shop when I tried to explain there are certain things I want in the shop because they are beautiful and will earn the shop a reputation for quality and a high standard of craftmanship...I think I may be getting some free one-to-one business advice.. which  will be interesting and much appreciated.

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