Monday, 9 July 2012

Poppy tip

 Right now my garden is full of poppies. They don't like being picked and collapse and shed their petals the moment you put them in a vase. Which is a shame because they're very beautiful. 
The other day I had some droopy ones on my desk at work and a kind customer gave me this tip: As soon as you cut them put the ends of the stems in boiling water for less than a minute. It works! This lot were still looking perky on their second day and two people asked if they were artificial.
They are pictured in one of Kate Hackett's jugs with needlefelted animals by Michelle Green.

Does anyone else out there wish they could Link Out? I get fed up with getting Linked In emails. I'm not interested in belonging to this organisation (only joined because I didn't want to offend the friend who asked me) and although I've repeatedly emailed them to stop sending emails it has made no difference.To try to disuade them I now forward back to them anything they send to me. Anyone know how to make make them go away? 


UK flower delivery said...

UK flower deliverythe garden is full of poppies and its different types of flower i bought the bunch of red roses to gifted to my friend.

jenny said...

Update: My friend Jane kindly texted me how to 'block sender' on my email page to stop any more Linked In emails. Thank you Jane a lot.