Monday, 2 July 2012

Play time

 Last week in the shop I had fun experimenting with bits of fabric and wool and silk fibres. The most obvious use for these strips is cuffs - a more ornate version of the felt cuffs I already make. They would also liven up a plain jacket or a felt cushion or a wool fabric handbag. As the colours are jewel colours  I think cuffs first and maybe I'll make larger pieces for other uses later.

I am thinking about Christmas. Yes, groan, I know you don't want to hear that. But for a shop like mine Christmas is key. Now we're in to July - (Happy July everyone!)
- I need to start listing all the things I want in the shop in the Christmas run up and together with the rest of the shop's makers start making them. 

When I used to do that big show in London it took three months of solid work to make sufficient stock for my stand. And when the work is as much fun as making the strips of colour pictured above BRING IT ON!

ps. Having planned an at home day I am now thinking wouldn't it be great to go somewhere different today and take photos...

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