Sunday, 1 July 2012

Sea glass and silk

 Molly Smith made this lovely picture from found pieces of sea glass. Sometimes I see something and I just want to take it home. This is one of those things. This could be the starting point for suggesting colours for a room couldn't it? 

My friend Hazel had lots of pieces of sea glass in a jar which I coveted. But I could never find any on the beach. I looked and looked but I can't recall ever finding a piece. Sea glass also makes beautiful jewellery doesn't it?

The hand dyed silk scarves pictured with it are by Susannah Smith (no relation to Molly). They are big enough to tie into a sarong and come in sea glass colours as well as pale lilacs and pale pinks. £24 each.


Anonymous said...

As more people recycle glass it becomes harder to find but after a winter storm here there are always a few pieces to be gathered.
My jar - actually a goldfish bowl - now lives at Rosy's house. She just became 41 years old - hard to believe.
Much love Hazelxx

jenny said...

Hi Hazel,
I didn't think about glass recycling having an impact... Happy birthday to dear Rosy. hard to believe she's now 41!
Lots of love x