Thursday, 26 July 2012

Food thoughts

I was in the supermarket yesterday buying fruit and veg and noticed that nearly everything is imported.This makes me cross. 
At this time of year it should be easy to eat local produce. Why are supermarkets not supporting local farmers? How can it be cheaper to ship food than to eat what's on our doorstep? And if it's just about money why should supermarkets expect to raise their profits year on year? 

What good public relations it would be for a supermarket chain to say - we prefer to buy from UK farmers even if we have to sacrifice some of our shareholders' profits to do so?

It makes sense to eat with the seasons - we don't need fresh strawberries at Christmas - it's cheaper and healthier to eat freshly picked produce from nearby. And if the UK is to get out of recession and back on it's feet surely we have to buy British. 

Let's keep it simple. We need to spend the money we have to spend 
as locally as possible. Otherwise many British farmers, small holders and manufacturers won't survive.

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