Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Granny in fancy dress?

 I'd never seen this picture before my mother showed it to me on Sunday. It's of her mother in what looks like fancy dress. It was the 1920s so it might not have been fancy dress but why is there a word stitched across her middle?
Elsie, my granny, who I only have a few vague memories of, was apparently always knitting. 
She trained as a tailoress and made mens' suits as well as all her own clothes.

 When her only child, my mother arrived, in her late thirties, she made all my mothers' clothes as well. Including all her school uniform to my mother's constant embarrassment. My mother's uniform was always different from everyone else's, the materials having been bought at the market.
 But this early frustration evidently gave my mother her  lifelong love of nice clothes, and her habit of turning clothes inside out when shopping to check the seams are properly finished... 


Fibre frenzi said...

what a lovely picture of your granny....I can see where you get your creativity from X

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