Friday, 20 July 2012

Collecting and using fabric

I love this old fabric. But the other day I gave it away. It's time to stop collecting and start using! (Actually I hope to see it again because I gave it to a maker to use in her creations for Handmade Happiness.)

Do you have stacks of fabrics, ribbons and old lace that you've collected over the years? I've got dresses my children wore and the fabric is too nice not to re-use it. 
As I get older and the piles grow higher I'm thinking that I am never going to use all this. Much better to give it to people who can turn it into something beautiful to sell in the shop. People with better needlework skills than mine.
I rarely buy anything to add to my stash now although  I am tempted at the Save the Children sale in Petersfield. I find some wonderful quality things there. Luckily it's only an annual event.
Another event I like to go to is the Knitting and Stitching show at Alexandra Palace in October. You see women there laden with carrier bags of craft materials they have bought. I just wonder what percentage of the things they buy actually get used. I suspect that most things get added to their growing stack of fabrics that one day they have every intention of making beautiful things with...

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