Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Olympic torch excitement

I cheated. The torch passed me in a flash so this picture is off the tv screen!
Before the event. 'Three pounds a flag.' So many flag and whistle sellers. Did they realise the bloke outside Marks and Spencer was giving them away for nothing?
Coca Cola, one of the sponsors, was giving out bottles of coke to the crowd.
I think this bus carried the torch bearers.
This man had the best view from the flat above.
 All respect to Wild Damson, my shop neighbour, who not only had this sign outside but also provided a tv screen in the window which showed the torch's progress.

Have you seen the Olympic torch? I love the way everyone comes together to line the streets, wave the flag and feel excited. The actual torch went by in the blink of an eye but the razzamatazz thanks to loud music from the Coke lorry put everyone in the party mood.
All eyes were on the road so I can't say it was good for business! But  by passing out plates of croissants and tiny glasses of orange juice 'from Handmade Happiness' to the crowds of people walking home after the event I think some of them will be back...

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