Sunday, 29 September 2019

This week

New jewellery made by Annie Sherburne including this large dragonfly brooch
I've knitted these leg warmers. Knitting shades of blue ones now.
More of these appealing cards from beach glass originals came in yesterday.
Macho keyrings and cuff links made from spent bullets gathered on walks in the Scottish Highlands.

This is the first week when people have been trying to find Christmas presents in the shop. It makes sense to buy the perfect gift when you see it. People who say they'll come back nearer the day itself are often disappointed when the thing they've fallen in love with has sold.

That's the thing about handmade. Everything is designed and made by the maker him or her self and it is a one-off - unique. 
Another thing about handmade is that it takes time.  For example I was asked for a special handmade card for a 30th birthday. I said No because I'm aware of how long this takes. Planning the design takes longer than actually making the card as you want it to perfectly suit the recipient and obviously you can't charge the customer for all that thinking/ sketching time... And at this time of year there are so many other things to be made!

I'm making lots of fairies in different styles at the moment and this is what you will see me doing in the shop. I knit in the evening. My next project is cushions using needlefelted fabric I've made combined with richly coloured velvets. Wondering whether to include some knitting in the patchwork cushions too.

Handmade gifts for men are few and far between so I was pleased to find these leather and spent cartridge pieces pictured above. The maker scours his local Scottish landscape for the metal litter left by hunters and shooting parties which he puts to good use in these attractive gifts.

By the way the smooth English ash wood bowl pictured is made by Harry Butler whose work is also for sale in Handmade Happiness.


Unknown said...

Love the look of the leg warmers Jenny, look forward to seeing the blue ones - nice and snug I imagine! The dragonfly is very sparkly too, and will catch the light magically x x x x x

jenny said...

Thank you. I am guessing who you are but I could be wrong!
I am on a third pair of leg warmers now. These are in shades of blue and brown and I think are my favorites! Looking forward to seeing you in the shop soon. xxxx