Saturday, 28 September 2019

Gold paper

Gold paper after washing
Pencil pots on my desk I bought ages ago

This week I was excited to get an email from the Eternal Maker in Chichester saying they are now stocking this unusual gold paper.

A while ago I bought a couple of bags I use to store glue sticks and pens from a shop in Midhurst. I really like them and have also bought them as presents. But I didn't think it was possible to buy sheets of the actual material.

So late afternoon Tuesday after being in the shop I went to the Eternal Maker  on Terminus Road and guess what? They had sold out. They are expecting new supplies next week but I wanted some now!  Luckily they found me a roll of it behind the counter and I went home happy!

The paper looks flat and shiny like gift wrap. It comes in three colours, gold, silver and rose gold. Eternal Maker found rose gold the most popular. The magic happens when you wash it when it becomes softer and wrinkled, looking like old leather.

I cut it in half and washed both pieces in the kitchen sink and hung them out to dry. In the shop I experimented on a small piece to test it out. You can paint the reverse which is like a thick brown kraft paper and you can hand sew it. You can cut it and glue it and if your machine needle is strong enough (mine isn't) you can machine sew it.
There are so many possibilities with this stuff. All I've done with it so far is to cut out oak leaf shapes and dangle them in the shop window in honour of Autumn. But I can imagine using it for a host of other makes.

So before my local readers go dashing off to the Eternal Maker, ring them first otherwise you may find they have sold out again.

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