Monday, 16 September 2019

This week

Making felt
Three pieces of finished felt
Made jewellery gift boxes from matchboxes
You know those wood teaspoons you get free?
New in Handmade Happiness. Jewellery made by Pat Gude. 
My dolls on display in the shop
Genius idea for grandson's birthday cake! He loves trucks!

It's been a week of bits and pieces. Pieces of felt I've not made into anything. Pretty gift boxes that will be given away free. A mad use for wood teaspoons (that I'll be charging next to nothing for). And all in the week I swore I'd make loads of Christmas stock! 

I was pleased to meet Pat Gude who makes necklaces and earrings from pearls and semi-precious stones. Great Christmas gifts at very reasonable prices. Pictured above.
 I look forward to having more sparkly colourful jewellery from Annie Sherburne soon. Her jewellery always sells well at Christmas.

Yesterday I went to a large family gathering to celebrate young grandson's second birthday. We had a picnic in Bushy Park where the deer are only feet away from you. Such glorious weather. Such nice people. Cyclists and runners that I fancied might live in one of the large detached houses in Park Road. Games of hide and seek with the little ones. Laughter and conversation and renewing friendships. What more could you wish for?

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