Monday, 29 April 2019

Making cards

Painted papers and embroidered bits I used for the cards below.
Three of the finished cards by Jenny Stacy
Three more card designs by Jenny Stacy

I've used some of those 'A painting a day' papers for cards. When cut into pieces and combined with the bits of embroidery I did in the shop this week the result is unusual and highly original greetings cards!
I've made a dozen and they'll be on sale in the shop on Dragon Street from Wednesday onwards.

I love making things like this and each card is different and takes time. A friend of mine took some handmade cards to a shop and the owner said he needed 6 identical ones in each design. 

This absolutely defeats the object of a handmade card. You can never exactly copy a card unless you get it printed when it ceases to be a handmade card. My friend's cards are very special and I am pleased to say she is now approaching art galleries, not gift shops where her cards will fit right in.

Unfortunately I can't use those 'cellophane' bags for cards any more because the stuff they now use to make 'cellophane' is not biodegradeable. But they won't get dirty. And without a clear wrapper you can feel the embroidery and paint!

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