Wednesday, 3 April 2019

In Handmade Happiness

New pots and a new throw from talented maker Niloo Wickramasinghe
One of Annie Sherburne's brooches on my coat

The shop is so lucky to stock Niloo Wickramasinghe's pottery and throws.
The throw, using Kate Forman fabrics, is entirely sewn by hand which makes it very special indeed.
Annie Sherburne's colourful jewellery is something else very special stocked by Handmade Happines. I love wearing this little brooch. The colours are so eye-catching.
If you haven't visited for a while, you'll notice the shop has new stock from several different people. It is currently undergoing a spring clean but still very much open to visitors.
This time last year I was writing another blog called 'Seeing India with Jenny'.
I was writing it after coming home so read it from the first post onward. The first post was written on Saturday March 3rd and called 'Have Yellow Hat Can Travel'. I've just looked at it again and the pictures are surprisingly good!  It's a shame it reads from last day to first but by clicking on newer posts at the bottom of each page it can be read chronologically. The weak post is about Gandhi which I remember copying from Wikipedia. Note to self - keep it personal!!

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