Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Game of Thrones embroidery

Michele Carragher's fantastic embroidery
Bird made by Michele Carragher for Game of Thrones
Michele Carragher made this insect for Game of Thrones
Principal embroider for Game of Thrones Michele Carragher's work

Last night I was lucky enough to see Michele Carragher, principal embroiderer of the Game of Thrones costumes give a talk.
Michele has done many films and TV programmes and her ability with needle and thread was truly mind-blowing! 
She told us that after attending The London College of Fashion she worked as a textile conservationist, repairing and re-making ancient, threadbare cloth. This experience proved a good grounding for her current work on Games of Thrones and, before that on the Helen Mirren version of Elizabeth I.

After 20 years of creating intricate embellishments for beautiful costumes Michele Carragher is surely the Queen of Embroidery! 

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