Saturday, 13 April 2019

Spring flower garlands for the window

I've painted these white fake flowers for spring window garlands
The paper they're painted on looks interesting too!
Sewn petals threaded onto fine green silk ribbon ready for the window
Close up of Jenny Stacy's painted flowers
I also enjoyed crocheting this rabbit container for the spring window.

There are now two painted flower garlands decorating the shop window and the white bunny is hooked high up for children to spot. I love sharing what I do and what is in my little shop, Handmade Happiness in Petersfield, England. But I am wondering whether or not to continue with this blog. After all I have been writing it for over 10 years now. Maybe that is some kind of record??? 

It would encourage me to continue writing if occasionally one of the many hundreds of people reading this would supply a comment...I don't know who you are because this is a blog that doesn't get comments and I don't know why. I can see from the Statistics that two thirds of my readers live in the United States and one third live in the UK.  And sometimes there is a huge influx of readers from Russia or China depending, I suppose, on what is being written about. Posts about London with lots of photographs get a big response which is good because I'm going there again next week and will make sure to take nice photos!!

Maybe it's too difficult to supply a comment and you've tried but given up. But please say hello and introduce yourself. I would love to meet you!!
Ps. I've tried leaving comments with my Google Account - it works and Anonymously - it doesn't work. I've checked the settings and the comments is set to welcome everyone but for some reason it is not doing so. Therefore I will just have to accept that this a Blog with no comments. If you want to say anything you can always email me!


jenny said...

Just making sure this thing works! Jenny

Susan said...

So sorry I don’t comment more often Jenny, but I love your Blog and it’s lovely pictures! I will try to do better!
Love, Susan

jenny said...

Thank you Susan. I really appreciate you making the effort to comment. X