Saturday, 27 April 2019

Felt like felting

Felt drying on the line. I dead headed the hydrangea when I saw this picture!!
Here's one I made earlier!
Some failures but all pieces can be used as a base for flat needlefelting
Thank you to the lady who gave me three bags of old Vogue magazines. Now I've plenty for carrier bags (seen here before handles were attached. The little bags are mostly pages from gardening magazines,

While the shop is relatively quiet I can make stock and this week I've made cloth bags, felt, needlefelted with some of the felt and yesterday I embroidered little pieces to use in cards. I have plans for Handmade Happiness and it is slowly evolving into something a little different. More like my original dream of a shop before I actually had a shop!
Watch this space!!

On another subject: I hate having to put plastic food trays and plastic food pots into the general rubbish bin because our council doesn't recycle these things as getting the necessary equipment to do so is 'expensive.' 
Yesterday I wrote to the local paper about this. I do hope my letter gets published.
Anyone local to Petersfield may be interested in an evening about climate change hosted by a member of the Green Party, It's on Tuesday April 30th at the United Reform Church at 7pm

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