Friday, 3 May 2019

Making paper flowers and trying to make wax seals

Painted crepe paper flowers by Jenny Stacy
Handmade paper roses by Jenny Stacy
Experimenting with wax and stamper

Some craft experiments are more successful than others!
I was pleased with the way these painted crepe paper roses turned out this morning and I've painted more crepe paper to make more.

However the other day I wanted to make some wax seals. The local art shop had the wax but not those metal stamps to press into the hot wax. I decided to try with a wooden stamper with a rubber image and it didn't really work as you can see above... I will have another go.

I don't know if you have ever tried stamping into gold wax. You light the end and drip it onto (in this case wax proof ) paper so you can remove them afterwards. I became a bit over-confident after the first few seals and managed to drip the hot gold wax over both hands. Luckily I had a sink of water nearby and plunged my hands into it. The strange thing is that the wax stays on the skin for a while. Anyway no lasting damage I'll just be more careful next time and hopefully next time I'll produce some better seals I can actually use!!

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