Wednesday, 1 May 2013

May Day making

Jenny Stacy doll £29 and baby booties £9-50 in Handmade Happiness
 Hey, it's May already and we seem to have skipped spring this year and be at the beginning of summer. I've got broccolli, pea, sweet pea and courgette seedlings waiting to go out into the garden but it seems too cold to plant them yet. In usual years everything is planted out by mid April. I reckon we deserve an extra long summer to compensate. In fact let's skip another season - let's skip next winter!

Last night I had fun swirling watercolour onto the card bunting I bought from The Works. I'm thinking I'll cover it with colours and then write on Handmade Happiness with white correction fluid or just white acrylic, maybe outlined in black. I need it for the Bank Holiday shows I'll be doing: The Country Fair at East Meon and South Harting's Village Day. The East Meon show is this Monday May 6th. I'll be in the Art and Design tent.

May is a good making month. Even, fingers crossed, a sitting out in the garden making month.

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Fibre frenzi said...

Let's hope we can sit out in the garden!!! Hope to meet up with you soon. I shall be away in Italy on Monday 20th May otherwise I'm around....x