Friday, 24 May 2013

In the Handmade Happiness window now

This week, a new baby theme in the Handmade Happiness window
One day I will pay a sign writer to change the name above the shop to Handmade Happiness in a hand-written style. You will only see the word Happiness above this window because Handmade will be above the left hand side behind which is the smaller room.

I once visited a shop where the decor was entirely pale pink  both outside and inside and the sign was a darker shade of the same pink. Really pretty but not very practical if you want men to feel as at home in your shop as women do. My walls are white and the woodwork is a pale blue by Farrow and Ball and I think the effect is peaceful.

Are you bolder in your decorating style than you once were? I like the idea of lime green or teal blue on the inside walls of my home but know that actually I'll always stick with white or maybe palest duck egg blue or palest pink. You can change your accessories in a flash but it takes a lot longer to change your wall colour.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny,
I hope you found your brief break from daily blogging restorative? I completely know the feeling of spending too much time in front of a computer screen... Two comments on your post today - I've always wondered why the 'Handmade' bit of your sign is in a mixture of lower case letters and capitals? And also re bold colours on walls - or any colours actually - I now find that the rooms I decorated in strong colours (some years ago) I no longer like and will be re-doing in neutrals, and even the pale colours were either too insipid or the final effect was not what I expected despite trying them out as match pots... So I definitely think neutrals are safer now, and keep strong colours for the soft furnishings!
Have a good bank holiday weekend,
best wishes, Nicky from Haslemere

jenny said...

Hi Nicky. I agree. I once tried strong sunflower yellow in two different rooms and after a month or two painted them white again.
I suppose the mixture of upper and lower case letters was an attempt to be different and memorable. I don't like it now and wish I'd found a nice loopy hand-writing style font at the beginning.One of the things on the long term 'To Do' list! Best wishes.