Friday, 3 May 2013

Changes and re-arranges

Outside Handmade Happiness now
 Handmade Happiness is 18 months old. Time for a review.  First I'm glad I did it. The opportunity to own a shop at the right rent came along when I knew that Tricot Too, where I worked, was about to close.  But the reason for that rent soon became apparent - not many people walk past the shop because it is outside the town centre. It is a destination not an en route shop. Therefore the shop must create its own following.

Free publicity like this blog, posters, articles for papers and magazines. I need to do more of that. Also I hope friends and acquaintances aren't afraid to come in. I don't expect anyone to buy anything - it's great if they do - but the main thing is to come in to the shop and enjoy looking. Maybe enjoy feeling inspired to go off and make something yourself. That often happens. And if they have a good time they'll hopefully tell other people that Handmade Happiness is a good place to visit.

Many people tell me how they love the shop. Some then go on to say,'I don't want to tell people about it because then it's my secret. Somewhere they don't know where I can buy my presents.' But actually if you love the shop you've got to yell it from the roof tops because if  enough people don't come in, the shop you love will have to close.

Yesterday my daughter visited from London and reminded me that this shop is my long held dream. Yes, we're in a recession and people don't want to spend money they don't have to spend but now more than ever I must hold fast and not compromise. Tough times call for steely determination and vision. Handmade Happiness is a winner!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny,
I was very interested to read your post today, about being happy for people to just enjoy looking in your shop without buying, because as a customer I always feel awkward about doing just looking, and guilty if I'm leaving without buying something. So maybe others feel the same... But I will be more willing to look in future if you think other shop owners feel the same?
Nicky from Haslemere

jenny said...

I think every shop owner wants as many people in their shop as possible.Most people just look and don't buy. But if they enjoy being in there hopefully they'll recommend that shop to others or think of going back when they need to buy a gift...
Thanks for the comment Nicky.