Thursday, 9 May 2013

Samantha Robertson's ceramics

Bowl and lidded jar by Samantha Robertson with embroidered  picture by Ann Hutchins
 Yesterday potter Samantha Robertson visited with new mugs, bowls, coasters and storage jars. Her lovely blue and green colourways look right in Handmade Happiness and I immediately re-did the shop window with all of her things in it. Picture soon.

Somebody bought all four lengths of my fabric bunting yesterday so now the tops of the walls are looking a bit bare. I will make more and now have the fun task of sorting through my fabrics to find the ones I want to use. I'll also be pulling out anything suitable for a dress/dresses as mentioned in the last blog post.

 Talking of pulling out fabrics, do you remember doing that at jumble sales? I haven't been to a jumble sale in years - maybe there aren't many of them now. But I remember the vast mounds of clothes on tables and you'd pull out anything that looked a good fabric. I had a friend who would go to all jumble sales for any t-shirts for her rag rug making. She'd only use t-shirts in her rag rugs.  I'm looking for nice printed cottons - if I find a nice selection in my stash I'll take a picture.


Anonymous said...

I love Samantha's ceramics, lovely colours and designs. I especially liked the blue line mug she previously had on sale.

Thank you for the news on the wrapping paper sales!


jenny said...

Hi Christine. Actually the blue line mug was by Jacqui Watkins.Another talented maker!